Best Decks for LoR Ladder: 11/09/21 Power Rankings

MreMOEtional is back with this week's Power Rankings - check out his pick of 8 best decks for grinding Ranked!

The meta has changed a lot in the last 7 days.

In this week’s power rankings, we are featuring 8 decks, all of which are viable for ladder climbing. The list also includes a complete newcomer and an older returning archetype that ended up as the 2nd most played deck last week.

With how crazy the meta is shifting, below are what I think will be the best decks to rank up on the ladder right now!

  • 56% win rate*

Draven Sion is still the go-to ladder deck in today’s meta.

The consistency of Draven Sion alone is enough to make it my number one choice for ladder.

Being able to play aggressively, midrangey, and also drag the game out to outvalue your opponent, is a really strong trait to have in any one deck, and Draven Sion still executes that game plan perfectly.

*All data used in the article is from Mobalytics, Plat+ rank

  • 55% winrate

Poppy Ziggs burn aggro is one of the strongest decks in the meta right now.

While it has dropped a lot in play rate, many of the decks that saw a rise in popularity (Plunder, Swain Teemo, Teemo Sej) get absolutely BODIED by Poppy Ziggs.

The main counters to Poppy Ziggs right now are few and far between, and if you can manage to dodge the Draven Sion’s and the Ping City’s on ladder, this deck can gain you an easy 300+ LP this week.

  • 59% winrate

Plunder skyrocketed in play rate this week and is the second most popular deck on the ladder now.

Plunder is a response to Lurk running amok on ladder, as well as all of the other midrange decks being played.

Plunder is the Anti-Midrange Midrange deck since Sejuani makes it near impossible for any other Midrange deck to compete after turns 6-7. You pair the powerhouse late game with an aggressive early game, and you have the 3rd best deck for ladder this week.

  • 52% winrate

Thrall Combo is one of the decks I’m going to use to try and hit Masters.

Thralls has an insane matchup spread right now. It beats 5 of the top 8 most popular decks being played on ladder, and beats a good majority of Tier 2 decks as well.

Overall Thralls has game to beat aggro decks, midrange decks, and control decks. I’m not sure why people are sleeping on Thralls, but CameronHanzo is just laughing while he gains free LP this week.

No. 5 – Ping City created by Rainmaker • last updated 2 years ago
  • 56% winrate

Ping City is the perfect meta deck for players that want that aggressive burn feeling, but don’t want to commit to a full degenerate aggro deck.

With Ping City being the king of stomping Tier 2 decks, it’s no surprise I rank it as one of the best decks to play on ladder this week.

Ping City is performing better the more aggressive you build it, so I recommend no The Dreadways, and the full 9 one drop package to have the most effective deck build.

  • 56% winrate

Scouts have been silently dominating the ladder for the last 2 weeks, and it’s finally time for Scouts to make my list.

While it does lose to Draven Sion and Teemo Swain, Scouts does exceptionally well into a decent chunk of the relevant meta.

It is heavily favored into Ziggs Poppy burn, Sivir Akshan, Ping City, Poppy Zed, Darkness, and Lurk. Who knew that the only thing Scouts needed to become a dominant deck again was a 2nd real champion to complement Miss Fortune.

  • 56% winrate

Poppy Zed Rally Elusive aggro has dropped a lot. This week has a huge rise in popular decks built specifically to beat it.

Poppy Zed still makes it on this list because the raw power of this deck is enough to carry it through some of the toughest matchups. If the opponent has a single misstep in their gameplan, we can Rally and just run away with the game from there.

However, if the meta continues to be full of decks built to hard-counter Poppy Zed, it might be the last week Elusive makes this list.

  • 55% winrate

Teemo Swain is a brand new deck created recently that puts the power of small removal spells, Bandle City value, and big boat late game all in one deck.

This is a hybrid deck of removal spells, burn damage, and unit tempo. Imagine if Ping City and Draven Cait had a child, and you get Teemo Swain.

This deck will be good on ladder this week because of how good it is into Poppy Zed, Overwhelm, and any other aggressive deck that’s stuck in last week’s meta.

Teemo Swain might just be a flavor of the week deck, but this is definitely the week you want to be playing it.

Closing Words

Overall we’re finally shifting out of the aggro meta we’ve been in for the last 2 weeks, and we are moving towards a more midrange dominant meta.

I predict the environment keeps moving towards this midrange style of gameplay and decks like Plunder, Draven Sion, and Thralls will come to dominate the meta.

What are your thoughts on the amount of decks in the meta? Do you think there are too many playable tier 1-2 lists in the meta, or is it a relief to be in a meta with more than 2 top-tier decks?

Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you all next week in my next LoR Ladder Power Rankings!

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