Best Decks for LoR Ladder: 11/15/21 Power Rankings by eMOEtional

This week, Draven Sion has been dethroned as the most powerful deck to play on ladder, and Plunder looks to absolutely dominate Ranked.

For the first time in over 2 months, the unthinkable has happened.

Draven Sion has been dethroned as my most powerful deck to play on ladder! Plunder has absolutely dominated Ranked, and Sion-hate decks have been running rampant.

With these significant meta shifts, these are the 8 decks I think will be best to climb ladder this week.

  • 59% win rate*, 2**

This has been my go-to deck for the last couple days.

Using this deck, I’ve gained over 400 LP and had my fastest climbing session of 200 LP in 1 hour.

Plunder is really good into the meta as we already saw in my meta report last week, we knew it was on the rise but I don’t think anyone knew how much this deck would be warping the meta.

*All data used in the article is from Mobalytics, Plat+ rank
**Position change since last week’s Power Rankings

  • 60% winrate, 5

Poppy Zed is back at the top of the list.

With GP Sej being 10% of the Masters ladder, and other decks that hard counter Sion – like Thralls – gaining in popularity, Poppy Zed has never looked better.

Of course, Poppy Zed still loses pretty badly to Draven Sion, but it is still the meta boogeyman.

No. 3 – Poppy Ziggs Burn created by Rainmaker • last updated 2 years ago
  • 56% winrate, 1

My number 3 spot goes to another anti-meta deck, Poppy Ziggs burn.

Basically, it plays the same role as Poppy Zed where the deck is trying to prey on these anti-Sion decks like Plunder, Thralls, etc.

Because Poppy Ziggs burn has pretty similar matchup tables as Poppy Zed and they both serve the same function, it only makes sense to me to put Poppy Ziggs as the number 3 spot.

  • 53% winrate, no position change

While I put two Anti-meta decks at rank 2 and 3, I still can’t ignore Thralls.

Thralls is really strong into Draven Sion, and it beats a majority of Tier 2 decks since Thralls can simply have nut high roll hands where you accidentally find yourself having 4+ Frostguard Thralls in play by turn 5-6.

This is now the second week in a row Thralls has made it on my list, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it moved up a spot or two in the weeks leading up to the Seasonal Tournament.

  • 58% winrate,

Poppy Lux is the hardest deck on this list and that’s the only reason it’s so low on this power rankings list.

This deck abuses the card advantage of Bandle City and the removal spells in PnZ to create the ultimate stall value deck.

It beats every aggro deck and performs well into most midrange decks. Lux and Shellfolk are the main win conditions in this deck. The deck is typically trying to end the game around turn six or seven with big tempo swings that deal with the opponent’s threats and stabilize your board.

After stabilization, the deck should provide a huge card advantage, meaning it should never run out of threats and should always have answers to an opponent’s future threats. Its main weakness is hard control decks, which are not currently played much in this meta, meaning it’s ideal for the current ladder climate.

  • 59% winrate,

This is the strangest deck and the biggest Dark Horse deck on the list… But stats don’t lie.

RubinZoo has done it again and has created another pile of cards that is doing really well on ladder. He personally has a 75% win rate with the deck, and overall the deck has a 59% win rate (the same as Plunder).

This ‘slow burn’ deck plays fairly midrange-y until you get to the late game and close it out with Farron’s and Boats. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past about trash-looking Rubin Piles, it’s that they never disappoint.

  • 55% winrate, 6

Even the entire meta currently is basically “Beat Sion or get beat by Sion”, that doesn’t make Draven Sion dead.

The deck is still just as consistent as before, still as powerful as before, and still as frustrating to play against as before.

If you want to queue up Sion, the only advice is to have a strong mental because all of your games will either be free wins or hard losses.

  • 52% winrate,

Lurk is back on the list in the very last spot for one main reason. You can always win.

With the release of Jayce this last week, there is a ton of players testing out new decks and new deck concepts, and what better to crush those players’ dreams than to play Lurk into them.

Lurk will only be strong for about 1 more week, so if you want a full-on degenerate swarm deck to punish all of these players trying to have fun, this is the deck for you.

Closing Words

Overall we’re finally seeing the fall of Sion. It has dominated the meta for over 2 months, and with no balance patch for another 2 months, the players finally decided to go all-in and force Sion Draven out the hard way.

Ladder is full of these anti-Sion decks and people are wanting to make sure that if you want to queue up Sion Draven, it will be harder than EVER to gain LP.

What do you guys think about this Sion Draven hate meta? Should it be up to the players to completely force decks out of the meta by making the ladder more polarizing, or should the developers try to put out more balance patches to keep the game healthy?

Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you all next week in my next LoR Ladder Power Rankings!

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