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Best Bard Decks – LoR Worldwalker Expansion

Our picks for the best Bard decks in the Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker expansion.

Hey there, Sorry here! The Worldwalker expansion has brought many new decks into the meta and even revived a couple of old archetypes like Thralls and Deep.

Today’s article will feature 5 different Bard decks that I think are the best out there if you want to play the champion beyond the stars!

All Bard decks have one important thing in common – Chimes. The whole gameplay revolves around buffing up your units in hand, which makes it more difficult for the opponent to deal with once they hit the board.

There are many versions swarming the ranked ladder as we speak, but not all of them are practical if you want to climb the ladder. So I’ve picked a couple of different versions that I either tested myself or know prominent players have!

Let’s get started, here are 5 of the best Bard decks out there so far!

Bard Zed

Currently, Zed Bard is the most popular version of a Bard deck. The deck takes advantage of the Ionia region to run cards that helps prolong the game like Will of Ionia, Concussive Palm, and Deny.

Zed acts as an early game pressure, the buffs he gains from Chimes will be given to his Shadow on the attack. At the same time, it accelerates Bard’s level-up condition.

Once Bard levels up you’ll now be buffing up your board units, turning them into a win condition difficult for your opponent to deal with and will eventually start slamming the Nexus.

All the buffs Navori Highwayman gains through the Chimes will be all granted to Navori Brigand, creating board pressure that can’t be ignored with a measly 2-mana unit.

Sai’nen Thousand-Tailed ensures that you don’t run out of cards in hand, at the same time it allows you to draw more into Chimes that will buff up your units faster.

Bard Zoe

Zoe Bard is the Targon take of the archetype, this list was popularized by Alanzq and has since become one of the most popular versions of a Bard deck.

Both Zoe and Sparklefly are essential units that set up for your win condition. You’re aiming to buff up your Elusive units with the Chimes before you drop them on the board.

Spacey Sketcher and Supercool Starchart can potentially find you a Trickster which expands on your Elusive threat! Other cards that might also be useful depending on the situation are Equinox and Crescent Strike.

The Targon region also offers some bigger Invokes with Solari Priestess, offering a variety of options that come on handy depending on the matchup and scenario of the game.

One unique card that we don’t really see much is Celestial Wonder, a stun card that can do wonders in specific matchups, especially the mirror.

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Bard Garen

Demacia Bard Garen Elites! This version relies on pure board domination to win the game!

The Chimes and Bard want to buff up your Demacian soldiers to a point where you start making favorable trades.

One important card that Demacia runs that will speed up your winning attack is Golden Aegis – offering an additional attack with your buffed-up units!

Units that buff up your board like Battlesmith, Vanguard Bannerman, and Cithrea the Bold don’t only create a more threatening board but also help level up your Bard faster. For Demacia! created by Vanguard Sergeant is also another tool to create a solid attack and level up your Bard.

Garen fits into the deck as mainly a threat your opponent has to deal with before he levels. If left unanswered and allowed to level up, the attack token every single turn can leave your opponent’s board in shambles.

Fizz Bard

Attach Bard is here! Fizz Bard Bandle City is extremely similar to the popular Fizz Aphelios.

The deck wants to slap a Rainbowfish or Papercraft Dragon on one of its key units like Fizz and start smacking the opponent’s Nexus.

Bard and the Chimes allow you to buff up your units. The neat thing about Attach cards is that their stats will carry on to the attached units.

This means you can go through your normal gameplan while both Papercraft Dragon and Rainbowfish get buffer in your hand. Once played on a unit like Fizz or Hungry Owlcat you’ll be ready to sneak Elusive damage toward your opponent’s Nexus.

The deck doesn’t solely rely on the Attach cards to set up a win condition. You’re also capable of going wide on the board with the assistance of Gleaming Lantern and Grandfather Fae.

With Bard now being run in the deck, once he hits the board he can slowly start buffing up your small weak units to a point where they’re difficult to kill.

Bard Poppy

If you’ve ever seen Poppy in her prime you might get a flashback of her meta dominance back in the days with this Bard Poppy deck. This version wants to bring Poppy back to her glory, Chimes can buff her up so she’s difficult to kill once she hits the board and can start buffing other units.

The list runs challenger units like Fleetfeather Tracker, Petricite Broadwing, Laurent Protege, and Silverwing Vanguard which benefit heavily from the additional stats they’ll gain, allowing them to value trade into the opponent’s units.

Basically, you’re running two win conditions, the first being Poppy dominating the board and leveling up and the second being a buffed-up board thanks to the Chimes and Bard.

The list does run Golden Aegis which helps you level Poppy faster, once she’s leveled it will be difficult for your opponent to find an answer to the additional stats on all units and the Impact damage they’ll be pushing.

Closing Words

These are five of the best Bard decks in my opinion that you can use for your ladder climb. Zed Bard seems to be the most popular and consistent one out there but I found the Zoe Bard version more enjoyable to play and felt favorable against the Zed version!

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