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Best Annie Decks – LoR Worldwalker Expansion

Our picks for the best Annie decks in the Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker expansion.

Worldwalker brought us four new exciting champions, all of them are seeing a lot of experimentation and varying degrees of success but today I want to focus on Annie!

Annie is an aggressive one drop champion that is very hard to block in the early game, so she slots perfectly in the very established Noxus centric burn decks which always dream of hitting the triple one drop opener to then finish the game with burn.

However, Annie is not limited to these aggressive decks she is also seeing play in more reactive decks, and that’s because she came with two fantastic support cards for these reactive decks: Her
champion spell Disintegrate, and the Landmark Ravenbloom Conservatory.

Disintegrate is fantastic if your deck can support it with cheap pings and ways to keep up with resources, you get access to the most mana-efficient removal in the game. Disintegrate is also great as Annie’s champion spell as it gives access to more copies of it in reactive decks and can kill a big blocker in aggressive lists.

Ravenbloom Conservatory fits perfectly in reactive Noxus decks that have the resources to go for a longer game and flip it on time. The permanent +1 damage to your spells makes them that much more efficient both at going face and at controlling the board, the +1 attack to your units is also massive as it turns your chump blocking units into real threats in the late game.

Without further ado, here are the Best Annie decks in my opinion so far!

Annie Jhin

Jhin is the face of the expansion and his intended pairing is Annie. Together they make a very effective aggro deck, which as usual tries to maximize damage with one drops in the first few turns, but the deck is capable of much more.

Thanks to Jhin’s Origin, the deck has access to various Stun followers from other regions which allow for very powerful attacks in the midgame. The Stagehand is definitely the key to achieving these high tempo turns, and one of the main reasons this deck is so successful.

The Behold component of Jhin’s Origin can push an insidious amount of damage given how many skills you put on the stack. This also makes Annie’s level up a common occurrence, and coupled with your explosive mid-game the deck can prove to have a surprising amount of staying power for a Burn deck!

Annie Ziggs Katarina

Bandle City provides cheap pings, swarm, and card generation. So it’s a great candidate for a deck that takes advantage of Ravenbloom Conservatory and Disintegrate.

This deck aims to take advantage of its surprisingly strong early game to put pressure while taking care of the opponent’s threats with your pings in combination with Ravenous Flock and Disintegrate.

This is already a hard enough game plan to deal with, but when you add Tybaulk to the mix the opponent has very little breathing room if they try to match you on board.

Ziggs is an amazing three drop and like Annie, he has good synergy with Disintegrate in combat and he also helps us get to our Tybaulk faster. With that said, Ziggs’s champion spell is subpar.

One copy of Katarina is amazing in this deck as she can take over games out of nowhere, once leveled up her 0 mana Blade’s Edge provides a lot of value and it turns out rally is good with a leveled up Annie.

At its core, the deck is a midrange killer, and it’s decent into aggro and control matchups, and you also have a lot of options for tech choices and personalization. One of my favorite cards is Lecturing Yordle, given how many synergies his generated Poison Dart has with the deck.

Annie Miss Fortune

Pirate Burn was one of the best decks in the game last patch, and it’s not surprising it still is putting good numbers in the new metagame, even despite the nerfs to Crackshot Corsair, and Imperial Demolitionist in patch 3.8.0.

Annie slots herself comfortably as another great one drop as the deck didn’t care much about their second champion, her champion spell also proves to be very good for the deck as it also has good synergy with Miss Fortune‘s skill.

For the time being the most popular list is very similar to its previous iteration but both Bilgewater and Noxus got a lot of interesting tools like Obedient Drakehound and the Buhru Leader and are being tested. Time will tell if the new builds will be good enough!

Annie Ezreal

Piltover and Noxus decks based around Ravenous Flock and Tri-Beam Improbulator have been a mainstay of the meta for a long time. The champions and the packages may have changed, but these two cards have remained the core for a while.

However, with Disintegrate we now have a new direction for Noxus + PnZ Control and it’s been seeing a lot of play as it was popularized by BBG.

Disintegrate being two mana and pushing you to run cheaper pings like Blade’s Edge makes Tri-Beam less desirable. The result is a much lighter build, that offsets inherent card disadvantage from Noxus removal, with Progress Day generated by the Piltovan Tellstones and utilizes Ravenbloom Conservatory as a secondary win condition on top of Ezreal.

Annie is capable of leveling surprisingly fast in this deck and this list is probably the best at putting Tibbers to good use. On top of that, she makes the deck slightly more proactive than the slower Tri-Beam counterpart as she is even harder to block against a deck with as many damage spells like this one, so she ends up pushing a considerable amount of damage.

Closing Words

Annie has been having a lot of success in different decks, and she gave a significant boost to certain archetypes, but there is still a lot of room for experimentation. For example, Annie with Shadow Isles or with Viktor, these have not been putting good results but with some refinements or meta shifts they can make a splash in the meta.

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