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Hello everyone, Sorry here! In this guide, I’m going to break down the most popular Bandle Tree deck on the ladder, featuring Poppy, Fizz, and Noxus as the splash region.

This archetype as a whole is built around The Bandle Tree landmark and the win condition it provides: once you’ve summoned 10 units from different regions, you’ll win the game.

Additionally, because the deck also runs a lot of cheap units that can swarm the board and stomp your opponent, you have a secondary win condition of just pushing Nexus damage with some raw aggression.

Cards that have the Manifest keyword – Bandle City Mayor and Loping Telescope – keep you from running out of gas and at the same time allow you to find units from regions you still need for the Bandle Tree condition.

Cards like House Spider and Bandle Commando also play a key role in advancing your landmark. House Spider is a Noxus card, but the Spiderling it summons is from the Shadow Isles. As for Bandle Commando, it generates a Hungry Owlcat unit that is from the Ionia region.

Later on in the game, you will be playing out The Bandle Tree landmark to finish your quest – it’ll create units from regions that you have been missing so far.

Fizz and Poppy are not your win conditions per se – they are just there to advance The Bandle Tree’s condition. Fizz is your Bilgewater unit, while Poppy checkmarks your need for the Demacia region. We’re only running 2 copies of each champion so that we can fit in other cards that can help our gameplan.

That said, Poppy’s effect of buffing all your units on the board as she attacks can be very useful to create a more formidable board presence.

The deck also runs a couple of removal cards like Ravenous Flock, Group Shot, and Buster Shot – all these are cheap spells that won’t slow down your board swarm.

  • Alternative builds

Besides the Noxus version, there are several other different builds of the Bandle Tree deck that are viable as well.

As an alternative, you can run Bilgewater or Frejlord as a splash region. The reason to be in these other regions is mostly that they offer some specific units that are useful to help fulfill Bandle Tree’s condition faster.

Bilgewater offers Marai Warden which will summon a random 1-cost unit that could potentially be from a region we need. Freljord has Lonely Poro that will create another Poro in hand that could be from a needed region for The Bandle Tree.

However, Noxus offers several valuable tools, which explains why this build is the most prominent on the ladder.

Ravenous Flock is a cheap removal card that works well with Pokey Stick or Group Shot. Scorched Earth gives you an edge in the mirror matchup since it allows you to remove The Bandle Tree. House Spider, as we’ve already covered, is a Noxus card that also summons a Spiderling from the Shadow Isles region.

General Tips

  • Bandle City Mayor is an important card to play on turn 3

Bandle City Mayor is one of the key cards in your deck – not only does it allow you to Manifest into a unit that will help you fulfill your landmark’s condition, but it also reduces the cost of your multi-region units. Playing units with a discount means you can get to The Bandle Tree’s condition that much faster, or, alternatively, you can swarm and overwhelm your opponent that much easier.

  • Before playing The Bandle Tree, make sure you’ve played out all the units from the ‘missing regions’ that you have in you hand

Keep in mind, that The Bandle Tree could create a unit from a region that you have not played but already have in your hand. So, to increase the odds of getting a region you’re actually looking for, it’s best to play out all the cheap units from the regions you haven’t played yet, before turning to the help of The Bandle Tree.

  • The Bandle Tree is a heavy mana commitment – be careful when playing it

Playing The Bandle Tree to start creating units is your endgame plan. However, a 5-mana landmark that pretty much does nothing on the turn it’s played will set you back on tempo on that specific turn. Make sure you have a presence on the board capable of protecting the Nexus.

  • Keep track of the regions you have played

Although The Bandle Tree does provide information on which regions have been played, this information is only available if you actually have The Bandle Tree in your hand or on the board. You need to also manually keep track of the regions you’ve played in case you need to make a decision on which unit to pick during the Manifest and don’t have The Bandle Tree to check which regions you need.


Mulligan for: Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, House Spider, Bomber Twins, Group Shot.

  • Your opponent will try to go wide with units and start pushing in damage – luckily we can keep up with the board presence especially if you get a Bandle City Mayor by turn 3.
  • You might find yourself in the position where you are the aggressive deck – Ravenous Flock, Group Shot, and Buster Shot are cheap removal cards that can give you an edge over your opponent.
  • Try to preserve your health, your opponent will try to close out the game either with Sion or burn damage from Get Excited!.
  • Be careful of Survival Skills, your opponent could keep their strongest unit alive and deny you a good trade or a removal.
  • Minimorph is the best answer to Sion, it’ll shut down their ability to push Overwhelm damage.
  • Aloof Travelers is a solid card but its ability to discard the highest cost card from the opponent’s hand can turn out ineffective if they have a Lost Soul in hand – you’ll be giving your opponent a Twinblade Revenant. It’s wise to hold on to the Aloof Travelers until your opponent discards their Lost Soul themselves, which will increase your chances of discarding a Sion from their hand.
  • Draven Sion usually does not run Scorched Earth, which means The Bandle Tree should be safe on the board. Just make sure you don’t get aggroed down after you’ve commited to the 5-mana landmark.

Mulligan for: Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, House Spider, Bandle Commando, Aloof Travelers.

  • Aggro down your opponent. This matchup depends on your ability to impose a lot of pressure by swarming the board with cheap units.
  • Once Xerath is leveled up your opponent can start picking off your units. Be wary of Hexplosive Minefield as a developing punisher – you can end up with a couple of units removed and the rest stunned.
  • The Arsenal is their endgame a finisher, Minimorph is the perfect answer for it. If The Arsenal can get a Spellshield as one of its keywords, but you can remove it Pokey Stick, Group Shot, or Buster Shot.
  • Do not play Aloof Travelers in the early game – holding onto it until later stages of the game gives you a higher chance to discard The Arsenal out of their hand.
  • The Bandle Tree can removed by Desert Naturalist, so if you only have one Bandle Tree in hand – you should hold onto it until later in the game. This will make it harder for your opponent to play The Arsenal as in doing so they’ll tap out of mana to play Desert Naturalist.

Mulligan for: Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, House Spider, Bandle Commando, Aloof Travelers, The Bandle Tree.

  • Your opponent’s win condition is to buff the damage of their Darkness and level up Veigar.
  • Luckily, Noxus provides us with Ravenous Flock that is capable of removing Veigar off the board. Minimorph can also act as a removal.
  • Do not let them stack up their Darkness too much – kill off Veigar and trade with Twisted Catalyzer the first chance you get.
  • Swarming the board and pushing in damage onto your opponent’s Nexus is an ideal way to win the game.
  • While going the aggressive route to win the game you’re actively working on getting your Bandle Tree’s condition fulfilled. Your opponent does not run any cards to remove your landmark, so it’s fairly safe to play and start generating units from regions you don’t have.

Mulligan for: Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, House Spider, Bandle Commando, Aloof Travelers, and Buster Shot.

  • You’re playing against a Rally deck, your opponent will attempt to take value trades and dominate the board presence.
  • Lulu and Poppy are both capable of buffing up other units to a point where you will be incapable of trading into them.
  • It is important that you try to take out both Poppy and Lulu, if unanswered they will level up and close out the game.
  • Your removal cards are perfect to pick off Lulu and Poppy, keep in mind that your opponent runs Ranger’s Resolve and Sharpsight as protection cards.
  • Expect a Rally card to be played at any time your opponent is holding 4 mana up and has a board presence. Don’t completely tap out of answers if it will leave you vulnerable to Rally.

Mulligan for: Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, House Spider, Bandle Commando, Aloof Travelers.

  • Preserve your health and block units to deny your opponent a free damage onto the Nexus. This will slow down the level-up of their champions.
  • Be careful of Make it Rain, they can increase the damage of it with a Powder Keg from either Dreadway Deckhand or Gangplank.
  • Ravenous Flock is important to try and finish off either Gangplank or Sejuani, once they’re leveled they will be pushing in a lot of damage while putting a lot of pressure on the board with their abilities.
  • Plunder deck does not run any removal cards for landmarks, which means they won’t be able to deal with The Bandle Tree.
  • Aloof Travelers can discard your opponent’s champions or The Dreadway. Keep in mind, however, that Monster Harpoon is a 6 cost mana unless they have activated Plunder. You could wait until they lower the mana cost of Monster Harpoon before playing Aloof Travelers.

Mulligan for: Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, House Spider, Bandle Commando, Bomber Twins, Group Shot.

  • Unlike Ezreal Draven, this deck is lighter on the direct damage and Overwhelm damage to win the game.
  • This means that as long as you’re Manifesting units and stopping Caitlyn from putting Flashbomb Traps into your deck, you should be able to prolong the game enough to summon 10 units from different regions.
  • Flashbomb Traps could do a lot of damage to your board – remove Caitlyn as soon as possible. A leveled-up Caitlyn can push in a lot of damage as well.
  • When playing Aloof Travelers remember that your opponent runs Lost Soul which will protect the Tri-beam Improbulator in their hand.
  • If you’re able to go wide you can potentially aggro down your opponent with your units.
  • Keep in mind that they run Scorched Earth in their deck, and number of copies can go higher or lower depending on popularity of landmark decks in the meta.

Mulligan for: Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, House Spiders, Bandle Commando.

  • Your opponent will rely on two cards to win the game: Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly. Your top priority is to remove Nami off the board.
  • The Noxus package offers cards like Ravenous Flock and Scorched Earth to help remove Nami. Keep in mind those cards can be countered with a Guiding Touch, but you can still get your damage to go through by playing Group Shot or Pokey Stick in response.
  • Minimorph is a second method to deal with Nami or Fleet Admiral Shelly – it is mana-intensive, but playing it immediately on Nami before your opponent gets to buff up their units is worth it.
  • Your objective is to swarm the board with units and push damage onto the Nexus. Your attempt might get shutdown if your opponent managed to buff up their Sparklefly to a point where you can’t deal with it anymore.
  • The game will probably be determined on whether you can go for the The Bandle Tree win fast enough. Your opponent might not play anything until turn 3, so Bandle Commando hitting the Nexus is crucial to obtain the Hungry Owlcat – your only follower from Ionia.
  • Bandle Commando can also act as an Elusive blocker to shut down an attempt to close out the game with buffed up Elusive units.
  • Outside of Line ‘Em Up and Make It Rain, your opponent does not run any spells that can damage the Nexus, meaning you’re mostly safe on your attacking turn.

Closing Words

Bandle Tree is currently one the popular meta decks on the competitive ladder and in tournaments, it performs fairly well into a lot of matchups and it’s easy to pick up!

The fact that you’re still able to win games against decks that can deal with The Bandle Tree landmark makes the deck solid into what should be very unfavored matchups.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to keep up with me personally follow me on Twitter.


My name is Alaa, better known as Sorry or TricksterSorry. Legends of Runeterra competitive player, I enjoy playing tournaments and competing against top players.

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