Alaa "TricksterSorry" Yassine is a competitive Legends of Runeterra player. His passion for card games ignited in his youth with favorites like Yugioh and Pokemon. Currently, he dedicates himself to achieving professional excellence in Runeterra, while also creating informative video and written content for the Runeterra community.

LoR Meta Report – Patch 3.11.0 Week 1

Phantom Builder

Today we’ll be looking at the data a week after the release of Patch 3.11.0 Far From Beyond expansion. The first week of an expansion is usually hectic, it’s the experimental phase where players will be taking new creations to…

LoR Meta Report – Patch 3.10.0 Week 2

Mountain Sojourners

It’s the second week of patch 3.10.0. You’d think the meta has started to settle down in preparation for the upcoming seasonal tournament, but we’ve got a lot to talk about! The meta has been quite versatile, and new decks…

Annie Twisted Fate Deck Guide

Annie Full

Hey friends, Sorry here! Annie Twisted Fate has been a staple meta deck ever since Riptide Rex received a buff, it’s currently the most played deck on the ranked ladder. The archetype relies on buffing up your spells and skills’…

Annie Twisted Fate: A New Ping City?


Origin Hello everyone, Sorry here! Annie Twisted Fate is an under-the-radar deck that uses both Annie and Twisted Fate‘s abilities to its advantage. When you think of Annie, two popular decks come to mind, Annie Ezreal and Annie Jhin (click…

Annie Ezreal Deck Guide

Annie Level 2
Ezreal Annie quickly became one of the players' favorite decks to play Annie in thanks to its versatility. Sorry shares his expertise on the archetype in this in-depth guide!

Mono Viego Shurima Deck Guide

Mono-Viego is one of the breakout decks of the past few weeks and is now standing strong in Tier 1. Sorry shares everything to help you play the deck better in this in-depth deck guide!