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Author: random7

The Return of Karma: Karma Viktor

Karma Viktor is the latest Karma deck, and is peforming great in the current meta. Random7 climbed to the top 20 with an impressive record with the deck and is here to introduce you to the archetype!


Yordle Darkness: Exploring the Dark

You thought Darkness was a solved archetype? In this deck of the day article, Random7 is here to share a new version with a unique Yordle twist that has performed lately!


Karma Ezreal Deck Guide

After Karma and Will of Ionia buffs in Patch 2.11, this archetype that traces its beginnings to the Open Beta has made an impressive comeback.


5 Synergistic Lineups for Standard Gauntlet

Hi, Random7HS here, bringing you lineups that I thought would be good in this week’s Standard Gauntlet. The decks and line-ups suggested here all take into account the recent nerf to Go Hard.