Dragonguy is a just a guy who enjoys playing some fun LOR decks. After taking targon's peak and Deep to top 32 of Guardians of the Ancient, he's been constantly looking to improve his game. Also, he's been playing a lot of Path of Champions lately, and is really enjoying Jinx.

Seasonal Lineups from RCCG writers

Hello everyone, I hope you’re ready for the Darkin Saga: Awakening seasonals! This is the final seasonals before the worlds, and for many people it could be their last chance to get into Worlds qualifiers (like me, top cut or…

Taric Poppy Deck Primer

Mountain Sojourners

Hello all, it’s DragonGuy here today to bring you a new take on the ever present Poppy deck concept. For this deck, I’ve combined her with Taric to create a deck that has an incredibly potent win condition: Going face!…