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Author: den


A Different Take on the Rumble Discard Archetype

Rumble has been left aside so far, unable to find its marks in the meta. However, there is still a lot of exploring to be done, and Den is here to present to you his different take on the champion.


Rumble Review and Theorycraft

Rumble is looking incredibly powerful, and Bandle City as a region will get even stronger in the new expansion.


Glorious Shellfolk Deck Guide

If you have the ambition to play what is arguably the most skill-intensive deck in this meta, dig into the new Glorious Shellfolk guide by Den!


Draven Viktor Deck Guide

Draven Viktor is still the new kid on the block, but it has proven itself in the current meta. Den breaks down all that you need to know about this Tier 2 archetype.


Dragons Deck Guide – Patch 2.18

Den brings you his take on the Dragons archetype – he believes in the current ladder meta you can’t afford be greedy with your build.

Anivia 0

Anivia Control Deck Primer

Anivia is a deck that has been around forever but has not been considered top tier for a while now. Occasionally it rises to a top tier 3 or tier 2 kind of power level when the metagame calls for it....


Ezreal Vi Shellfolk Deck Guide

Outsmart them, prank them, and drown them in value. If you’re ready to commit and beat the high learning curve of this deck, Shellfolk will pay you off.