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Author: den

Taliyah Ziggs Deck Guide – Patch 3.6

Taliyah Ziggs has been an underestimate deck for most of the season, and is know at the top of the meta. Learn to play the deck better with Den in his in-depth deck guide!

Feel The Rush Deck Guide – Patch 3.6

Feel the Rush control is now widely considered as the meta king thanks to its high power level and numerous good matchups. Learn how to play the deck better with Den in this in-depth deck guide!

Pirates Burn Deck Guide – Patch 3.6

Pirate Burn is one of the best archetype for a fast climb on the ladder. Today, Den is here to help you find the right mindset and perfect your plays with the deck thanks to this in-depth deck guide!

Riven Viktor: Deck Guide and Matchups

Thanks to its amazing matchup against mono Shurima, Riven Viktor became a top-performer in the current meta. Learn more about the archetype in this in-depth guide by Den!


Akshan Gnar Deck Guide

Anyone who enjoys a robust midrange gameplan with a hint of combo finish will an Akshan Gnar an absolut blast to play!


Gnar Burn Deck Guide

Gnar Burn is currently one of the staples of the meta and is the leader of the hyper-aggressive burn playstyle. Learn how to play the deck better with Den!


Scouts Deck Guide

Scouts are once again a Tier 1 Staple into the meta, boasting an impressive win rate, and popularity that is ever climbing.


Yordles in Arms Deck Guide

Yordle in Arm continues to be a staple of the meta thank to its ability to build up a lot of pressure all the while generating cards. Den shares his knowledge of the archetype in this in-depth deck guide.


Swain Gnar Deck Guide

Among the new decks introduced by the expansion, Swain Gnar feels like one of the most refined and cohesive. Learn to pilot it with Den!


Draven Rumble Deck Guide

Discard has left Sion in the dust and cloud of fumes being dispersed by the engines of the Mechanized Menace himself.