Den has been in love with strategy games for as long as he can remember, starting with the Heroes of Might and Magic series as a kid. Card games came around the middle school - Yugioh and then Magic. Hearthstone has been his real breakthrough and he has been a coach, writer, and caster on the French scene for many years now. Although it took him a bit to get into Legends or Runeterra, his EU Seasonal Tournament win was the perfect start to get involved in the community. He now coaches aspiring pro players and writes various articles on the game. Find him on Twitter at @den_CCG!

Kai’Sa Sivir Deck Guide


As it is expected with every new expansion, new cards come and shake up the metagame, creating new decks to be competitive and others out the door. The early days of Forces from Beyond expansion have confirmed this trend, with…

Top 3 Lineups for Gauntlet – Forces from Beyond Week 2

Belvethi Elder
Early in a metagame, it is tough to be creative as the best decks tend to be super popular and oppressive. With Kai'Sa pushing several strong decks, and Bard Illaoi making a return, the metagame is defined by those 2 midrange juggernauts. Den gives us his perspective on what could perform for this week's Gauntlet in this difficult environment!

Nami Twisted Fate Shadow Isles Deck Guide

Nami 1 cover

Introduction Spell based combo decks can be very difficult to evaluate properly in Legends of Runeterra. At times, they are the best decks in the game with their synergy working perfectly, both in terms of available tools and in the…

Scouts Deck Guide – July 2022 Update


Miss Fortune and Quinn is a duo that never gets old. Sometimes, Scouts disappears for a bit, as counters to the deck make it difficult to play due to the deck being rather inflexible in its core mechanics. For the…

Fizz Riven Deck Guide

fizz cover 4

Introduction While it didn’t get any specific cards from the latest release apart from the Noxian Tellstone, a card that isn’t included in every list, Fizz Riven has made quite a comeback in the current patch, establishing itself as one…

Viego Deserter Deck Guide

viego cover

Introduction Being able to make Katarina relevant as a champion is an impressive enough feat to credit the Viego Deserter deck. Also achieving one of the best win rates in the metagame ever since the Worldwalker set was introduced, is…

Bard Galio Deck Guide


Demacia has always been a region who loves dominating the board through efficiently trading and pressuring with units. While the deck initially featured Poppy as the champion alongside Bard, the attacking Yordle being a prime target for Chimes, Galio has…

Annie Jhin Deck Guide

Jhin Level 2
Annie Jhin got to a very bad start, but keeps improving as its build gets refined and is now a serious meta contender! Den shares his version of the deck and his tips in this in-depth guide.

Zed Bard Deck Guide

Zed Bard is among the most popular new archetypes, and is performing well in the current meta! Den took the archetype all the way to the Master rank, and shares his knowledge in this in-depth guide!