Ashe LeBlanc Deck Guide

In this article, Raphterra shares his guide on Ashe Leblanc Frostbite, the deck he used to climb from Diamond IV to Diamond I 80 LP at 70% win rate.

Introduction and Deck Stats

Hey there, Raphterra here! Today, I’m bringing to you a guide on Ashe Leblanc Frostbite.

I used this deck personally to climb from Diamond IV to Diamond I 80 LP at 70% win rate (29 Wins – 13 Losses). If you want to see the deck in action after reading this article, check out my detailed video guide!

Deck Build

To give you an idea of the deck build and the play pattern, please watch the following deck trailer for Ashe Leblanc Frostbite:

Ashe Leblanc is a midrange deck that wants to put big units on board then protect them with Frostbite spells ( Flash Freeze, Brittle Steel ) and Freljord combat tricks ( Troll Chant, Elixir of Iron ). The deck wins with either Level 2 Ashe or Level 2 Leblanc. Levelled Ashe combined with burst frostbite spells cripples your opponent’s board and leaves them unable to defend their Nexus from your big units.

In this deck, we are running many units that have 5+ power, so it’s very easy to trigger Reputation. A board of midrange units, levelled Leblanc, and Incisive Tactician will lead to turns where you can pull off multiple attacks.

This archetype has been slowly receiving buffs for past patches. In Patch 3.10, Ashe and Avarosan Hearthguard received buffs, but the most significant change in this patch is Trifarian Assessor’s cost reduction. With a cheaper Trifarian Assessor and Whispered Words, this deck can now consistently refuel itself in the mid to late game.

General Mulligan

For the mulligan, you’re always going to keep Avarosan Trapper, Leblanc, and Omen Hawk. Avarosan Trapper is the most important early unit of the deck. If you already have Avarosan Trapper, you can keep greedier units like Ashe, or keep some protection spells ( Troll Chant, Elixir of Iron ).

Icevale Archer is a good unit to keep against aggressive decks.

Trifarian Gloryseeker is a unit that I keep against decks that have early units that I need to remove immediately e.g. Aphelios, Akshan.

Same can be said for Culling Strike, another removal card that you can keep against specific matchups e.g. Nasus Thresh, Twisted Fate Nami.

General Tips

  • Keep track of Ashe’s level up.
    Ashe levels up surprisingly fast in this deck. Look for lethal attacks with Level 2 Ashe and burst speed Frostbite spells. Do not forget that Troll Chant also progresses Ashe’s level up if you use it on a unit with 2 power or less.
  • Setup a board for Trifarian Assessor.
    Refueling in the mid-game with a well-placed Trifarian Assessor can win the game on the spot. If you have Trifarian Assessor in hand and a wide board of 5+ power units, try to get the value from the card draw before trading your board against opposing units.

Matchups and Mulligans

Shurima Mono Shurima – Favored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc. If you have a good hand: Ashe

  • Keep your champions safe from Roiling Sands. Without vulnerable, Rite of the Arcane and Quicksand are their only ways to remove your champions. You have frostbite and protection to counter these spells.
  • Your units are just inherently bigger than theirs; they cannot keep up with the pressure in the mid game. Attack relentlessly and progress Ashe‘s level up. They don’t have good ways to stop a wide attack with Level 2 Ashe.

RuneterraDemacia Bard Demacia – Favored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc, Culling Strike. If you have a good hand: Ashe, Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant

  • Frostbite usually wins hard against Demacia midrange decks, but Formidable units like Galio and Petricite Broadwing makes this matchup slightly closer to even.
  • Culling Strike and Reckoning can get rid of Formidable units. You may need to prepare Troll Chant or Flash Freeze to get rid of Galio‘s Spellshield.
  • Assume that they will try to play Galio immediately on Turn 7. Apply pressure, try to trade down units, and keep their board narrow before they can play Galio.
  • Ashe is a key unit in this matchup since she swings combats in your favor. They may try to remove her with Single Combat or Concerted Strike, make sure you’re prepared with Frostbites and protection spells.

Shadow IslesShurima Viego Shurima – Favored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc. If you have a good hand: Ashe

  • Take advantage of their weak early game by spreading out with your mid-game units. Once you develop your board, they will have a hard time stopping your attacks.
  • Use Frostbite on their units before trading to prevent them from progressing Viego’s level-up. You can also Frostbite Ephemeral units like Waking Sands.
  • If your Nexus health is in range of Atrocity, reserve mana for your Frostbite spells to counter.

BligewaterNoxus Annie Twisted Fate – Favored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc. If you have a good hand: Ashe, Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant

  • They will try to remove your big units with their spells, but this will usually cost them 2 cards to remove each unit. Apply pressure and refuel your board with Trifarian Assessor and Whispered Words.
  • Be the aggressor and force them to use their mana to remove your units. Tybaulk is their main source of damage late, but you can neutralize it with frostbites.
  • Late game, they will eventually run out of removals, then you can go for a wide attack with levelled Ashe and Frostbite spells.

BligewaterShadow Isles Nami Twisted Fate – Even

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc, Culling Strike. If you have a good hand: Ashe

  • They want to pass early to bank mana and progress Nami’s level up. It will be easy to develop a wide board against them, but they may use Tentacle Smash on your champions.
  • Force them to block with their units. Keep their board as narrow as possible before Nami or Fleet Admiral Shelly comes on board.
  • Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly are your priority targets for Culling Strike. If they have both units on board, you may want to prepare a Frostbite spell as backup.

TargonPiltover & Zaun Aphelios Winding Light – Even

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc, Culling Strike, Icevale Archer. If you have a good hand: Ashe

  • Try to minimize the damage to your Nexus early. They will look to inflict as much damage as they can in the first 3 turns. From Turn 3 onwards, you can start stabilizing with Avarosan Trapper and Enraged Yeti.
  • They cannot trade favorably into your mid game units. Force them to block with their board; they will want to keep their board as wide as possible for their big attack with The Winding Light.
  • Aphelios is a big problem if he stays on board. Try to remove him as soon as possible with Culling Strike or Trifarian Gloryseeker. They may use Pale Cascade to counter Culling Strike; you may want to prepare a Troll Chant or a Frostbite spell to respond.

RuneterraIonia Ahri Bard – Unfavored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker. If you have a good hand: Ashe, Icevale Archer

  • Apply pressure, force them to block with their elusive units, and race them down. They may use Homecoming defensively to stop your attacks.
  • Use Frostbite spells on your defensive turns to protect your Nexus. You may want to use Brittle Steel early while their units are still in range. Their units will get buffed up with chimes and Bard in the mid game.

RuneterraNoxus Annie Jhin – Unfavored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, Omen Hawk, Leblanc, Icevale Archer. If you have a good hand: Ashe

  • Full aggro decks are the worst matchups of Ashe Leblanc. Just try to survive the early game and keep your Nexus as healthy as possible. They will run out of gas eventually if you keep your Nexus healthy enough.
  • They will try to setup offensive stuns with The Stagehand and Solari Sunhawk. Icevale Archer can counter and slow down their early aggression.
  • Noxian Fervor is one of their late-game burn spells. Countering it with Culling Strike can be game-winning.

Closing Words

Ashe Leblanc is another archetype that has been revitalized by the latest patch. Trifarian Assessor feels insanely good to play with this deck right now. In fact, Ashe Leblanc might just be the strongest among the old archetypes that are climbing their way up the deck tier list.

Hope you enjoy playing this deck! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTube, Discord, or Twitter!

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