AragOrnn is the 2022 Legends of Runeterra World Champion – First and Second Place Lineups

The Legends of Runeterra 2022 World Championship came to an end with AragOrnn winning first place after a fierce battle against Teddy314.

The Legends of Runeterra 2022 World Championship came to an end with AragOrnn winning first place after a fierce battle against Teddy314. The top 16 players from all three servers competed in a round-robin group stage on the first two days, with the top 8 continuing to the single elimination stage on the final day.

The top eight players had five players from the EMEA server, two players from the APAC server, and one player from the AM server. The finals ended with two EMEA representatives facing each other, and the APAC representatives secured third and fourth place.

Teddy, representing Germany, chose to ban the Ziggs Taliyah Ionia deck, while AragOrnn, representing Greece, took out the Jinx Demacia Champions’ Strength deck.

AragOrnn managed to win both games in the best-of-3 matchup, beating Quinn Vayne Aatrox twice with Kayn Aatrox and Gwen Katarina. The final game was nerve-wracking for both players and viewers, where AragOrnn managed to survive with 1 Nexus health and top-decking a Fallen Reckoner, giving him just enough damage to end the game with a Noxian Fervor.

Aragorn has been crowned Legends of Runeterra’s 2022 World Champion, winning $40,000 in prize money. 

AragOrnn’s Lineup:

AragOrnn brought the popular Gwen Katarina, which has a good overall matchup table into the meta. Their second deck was Kayn Aatrox, which has already proven to be a solid performer on the ranked ladder and has left its mark early on in the new season. As for their last deck, AragOrnn went for Taliyah Ziggs Ionia, which can be a risky choice in tournaments.

Gwen Katarina has been popular since last season, performing well on the ranked ladder and tournament scene. It’s a safe deck to bring into a tournament, but it can end up targeted by other competitors.

Kayn Aatrox is a midrange archetype with a late-game World Ender win condition. Aatrox has found the most success paired with Kayn so far. AragOrnn was confident with the deck after a week of preparation, and it definitely showed on the big stage.

Interestingly, AragOrnn decided to add a personal touch to the Taliyah Ziggs list, cutting out the Bandle City region and bringing Unworthy Soul and the new Ionian card The Black Flame. The Black Flame can be a powerful play when played on a Taliyah and copying the landmark with Taliyah’s ability. As for Unworthy Soul, it’s a meta-call addition that tries to target Darkin decks, slowing down their board development and destroying one of their important Darkin weapons.

Teddy314’s Lineup:

Teddy figured out the power of Champions’ strengths during his early preparation for the Worlds Championship and brought two Champions’ strengths decks: Jinx Demacia and Quinn Vayne Aatrox. As for Teddy’s third deck, he opted to take Seraphine Ezreal Viktor Bandle City, which plays slower gameplay than the other two decks.

Jinx Demacia wants to swarm the board early on and set up a stats buff with Champions’ Strength, which can be enough to close out the game. As for the Quinn Vayne deck, it plays slower, focusing more on taking value trades with the help of the Darkin weapons and trying to win the board’s presence. The list runs two copies of Champions’ Strenth but it’s not the core gameplan of the deck like Jinx Demacia.

However, Seraphine Bandle City takes a completely different approach than the other two decks. The combo-oriented deck wants to prolong the game until Seraphine is leveled, and from there, the value she’ll generate can shift the game in your favor. If a leveled-up Ezreal is on the board, you’ll be able to turbo-burn your opponent’s Nexus down.

Teddy’s lineup overall feels safe in the meta, trying to have a good matchup against most of what his opponents might bring. Gwen Katarina was one of the expected decks in the tournament, and this lineup can put up a fight against Gwen Katarina, allowing Teddy to save his ban for a more problematic deck.

With the World Championship concluding, players have their eyes set on the upcoming Seasonal tournament. The top 700 Master players and the top 324 players from the Last Chance Gauntlet will qualify for the Seasonal tournament!


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