Annie Twisted Fate: A New Ping City?

Twisted Fate Annie created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago


Hello everyone, Sorry here! Annie Twisted Fate is an under-the-radar deck that uses both Annie and Twisted Fate‘s abilities to its advantage.

When you think of Annie, two popular decks come to mind, Annie Ezreal and Annie Jhin (click on the links for their full deck guides!), each with a unique gameplan. However, players have found another archetype that makes use of Annie and Tybaulk. This is a more slow type of deck that relies on multiple target damage as part of its game plan.

The deck currently isn’t popular on the competitive ladder but is holding a positive win rate overall, 51% at the time of writing this article. I came across the deck randomly while playing ranked ladder and found it interesting. I have even been playing the deck a lot, understanding how to pilot it efficiently, and it has quickly become one of my favorite and entertaining decks to jam on the ladder!


In the mulligan phase, you’re looking primarily for Ravenbloom Conservatory and Annie. Everything else depends on the matchup, House Spider for example is a keep against aggressive decks. Twisted Fate can also be a good keep as the different cards can be useful depending on the matchup.

Early game you’re working on advancing Ravenbloom Conservatory. Both Annie and Twisted Fate are a trigger to advance the landmark’s countdown. On top of that, the deck runs a lot of cheap spells like Blade’s Edge, Make it Rain, and Ravenous Flock that will make sure you have Tybaulk online as soon as possible.

Once Tybaulk hits the board all your spells are empowered and now present burn damage. Twisted Fate’s Red Card and Make it Rain will help you clear out the board, deal Nexus damage, and pave the way for a solid attack.

The more Tybaulks you manage to play the better as it’ll increase your damage output from spells and skill effects! At the same time, the Overwhelm damage Tybaulk can push is important to destroy your opponent’s Nexus.

Moreover, Annie’s level-up gives you access to Tibbers, a unit with an effect that can be a massive game swinger for your board control. Tybaulk increases the damage Tibbers deals and with the many pings you have in the deck especially Make it Rain and Twisted Fate’s Red Card, you can set up for a powerful Tibbers play, capable of killing multiple units.

Finally, Riptide Rex acts as your strongest play, Blade’s Edge, Make it Rain, or Death’s Hand can activate Riptide Rex’s ability by dealing Nexus damage.

With Tybaulk’s buff effect your cannon barrage will deal additional damage, removing units easier and dealing more Nexus damage. It also sets up for a powerful attack as your opponent will lose most or even all their blockers.


I took Twisted Annie for a test run on the ranked ladder and the archetype was tons of fun!

Working on setting up your late-game power surge feels satisfactory. I did though on many occasions feel I lack cards to play in hand even though the deck runs lots of card draw, I guess it’s only normal for such circumstances to occur with the many cheap cards the list runs.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun archetype to play, I think Twisted Annie is definitely a great pick! Would I rate the deck a tier 1 material? Definitely not, it most likely falls under low tier 2 or tier 3, so if your plan is to solely climb the ranked ladder I think Twisted Annie will make it a slow climb, but if you’re looking for the entertainment aspect then 100% would recommend the deck.


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