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Annie Twisted Fate Deck Guide

Hey friends, Sorry here! Annie Twisted Fate has been a staple meta deck ever since Riptide Rex received a buff, it’s currently the most played deck on the ranked ladder.

The archetype relies on buffing up your spells and skills’ damage with Tybaulk, turning them into burn damage, and setting up for a Riptide Rex play.

Early on in the game, you’re looking for Ravenbloom Conservatory and Annie to start working on advancing the landmark as quickly as possible.

Your deck runs a lot of cheap spells like Make it Rain, Ravenous Flock, and Blade’s Edge that advance your landmark and keep the board in check.

At the same time, if Annie is on the board, you’ll slowly work on leveling her up. Creating a Tibbers in hand is a massive advantage, especially if you set up the play perfectly with your low-cost damage spells, enabling you to kill multiple units at a time.

Twisted Fate is an important part of the deck. His versatility allows for different card choices depending on the situation of the game. Additionally, Twisted Fate’s skill assists in advancing your Ravenbloom Conservatory and Annie’s level-up condition.

You’re not trying to level up Twisted Fate in this deck, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility! The list runs a lot of card draw potential, like Zap Sprayfin, Fortune Croaker, and Eye of Nagakabouros.

Once you’ve got Tybaulk on the board, your spells can now remove units easier, which allows you to take over the board.

Riptide Rex is the next play! Death’s Hand, Blade’s Edge, and Make it Rain can damage the opponent’s Nexus and activate Riptide Rex’s ability. The Cannon Barrage, especially if Tybaulk was played beforehand, will push in a lot of damage and most likely wipe out your opponent’s board. If the game is not over with the Cannon Barrage damage, your units will be able to deal Nexus damage after their units are wiped out.

Techs and Options

An additional card draw spell to make sure you don’t run out of gas. You can cut Fortune Croaker for it. Don’t run more than two cards.

The Powder Keg synergizes with your damage spells, especially Make it Rain and Twisted Fate’s Red Card. You can substitute Fortune Croaker for Dreadway Deckhand.

A late-game finisher card. The Overwhelm damage and Decimates can close out the game. Only one copy of Captain Farron, you can cut an Eye of Nagakabouros.

General Tips

  • Use your damage spells wisely. Don’t waste your spells recklessly, cards like Disintegrate and Ravenous Flock require a damage spell to be useful, so keep some of them at the ready.
  • Disintegrate interaction with your champions: A unit with enough health to block Annie or Twisted Fate can be killed with Disintegrate during combat. Annie’s skill effect will trigger Disintegrate and kill the unit before the trade happens. Similarly, Twisted Fate’s Quick Attack will strike first, trigger Disintegrate, and kill the blocker before it can kill Twisted Fate.
  • Try and save your spells if possible until Tybaulk hits the board. You can get more value from your damage spells once Tybaulk empowers them, granting you an advantage over your opponent.
  • Keep a damage spell ready for Riptide Rex. Death’s Hand, Blade’s Edge, or Make it Rain can activate Riptide Rex’s ability.


RuneterraNoxus Annie Jhin – favored

Mulligan for: Annie, House Spider, Make it Rain, Blade’s Edge.

  • You’re up against an aggressive deck that wants to close out the game as soon as possible.
  • It’s important to avoid unit damage as much as possible. House Spider and Arachnoid Sentry are perfect to slow down your opponent’s aggression.
  • Blade’s Edge, Make it Rain, Death’s Hand, and Twisted Fated Red or Yellow card are crucial in this match-up to kill your opponent’s low health units.
  • You do not have any method to stop Decimate Damage, try to close out the game before your opponent has the chance to play them.
  • If your opponent is holding on to 3-mana, Keep a ping spell ready to interrupt a Noxian Fervor.

IoniaShurima Azir Irelia – favored

Mulligan for: Annie, Ravenbloom Conservatory, House Spider, Twisted Fate.

  • Save your removal cards for Azir and Irelia. You’re against a deck that heavily relies on champions to set up their plan. Ravenous Flock and Disintegrate are crucial spells to kill their champions.
  • Save a removal spell for Greenglade Duo, the elusive unit can gain a lot of Power from summoned Sand Soldiers and Blades.
  • Early on, block Sand Soldiers with units that can survive the block, that includes Annie and Twisted Fate.
  • Your opponent does run defensive tools to keep their champions alive, cards like Nopeify! and Twin Disciplines can shut down your plan.
  • You’re able to work on leveling up Twisted Fate, his Red card can demolish your opponent’s attacks. However, Azir Irelia can either play Homecoming or Defiant Dance to reset Twisted Fate’s level up requirement.

IoniaRuneterra Ahri Bard – favored

Mulligan for: Annie, Twisted Fate, Ravenbloom Conservatory.

  • Your opponent does not have the tools to kill your champions. This means you’ll be able to level up Annie and Twisted Fate. Your opponent might resort to recalling your Twisted Fate with Homecoming or Will of Ionia to prevent his level-up.
  • Keep your removal spells for Elusive units. Other units can be blocked by House Spider, Arachnoid Sentry, and Fortune Croaker.
  • Ahri Bard runs a lot of defensive tools like Nopeify!, Deny, and Twin Disciplines to protect their units.
  • Riptide Rex can be an explosive turn! Keep in mind that your opponent can interrupt your activation of Riptide Rex’s ability by denying your damage spell.

Piltover & ZaunShadow Isles Heimerdinger Jayce – favored

Mulligan for: Annie, Ravenbloom Conservatory, Twisted Fate, House Spider.

  • You’re against a slow deck that relies on Heimerdinger to go wide on the board with turrets.
  • Make sure to kill Heimerdinger and Jayce immediately to prevent too much value from being generated from them. Ravenous Flock and Disintegrate are perfect answers and your opponent does not have any tools to protect them.
  • Do not allow your opponent to go wide on the board. Jayce + Acceleration Gate can be a powerful attack.
  • They run a lot of removal cards to deal with your key units, but once Tybaulk buffs up your spells and skills you’ll be able to add more pressure on your opponent with an Overwhelm unit and more damage from Riptide Rex.

BligewaterNoxus Annie Twisted Fate – even

Mulligan for: Ravenbloom Conservatory, Annie, House Spider

  • Early on in this matchup, Ravenbloom Conservatory is important. Tybaulk gives you a massive advantage and sets up for a strong Riptide Rex play.
  • Playing Twisted Fate first on turn 4 might result in your champion dying by your opponent’s Twisted Fate’s Gold Card. You could open pass and wait for them to make a play first.
  • Stun their Tybaulk with Arachnoid Sentry or kill it with Disintegrate to prevent Overwhelm damage.
  • The Riptide Rex turn is tricky! Depending on the scenario you’ll either want to play Riptide Rex first or second.

If both players are low on health, do not ping their Nexus first. They can retaliate with their own ping during the same action and will have the ability to play a Riptide Rex before you.

If both players are relatively healthy and the Cannon Barrage isn’t close to lethal, your main objective is to wipe out your opponent’s board. It’s more valuable to play Riptide Rex second to kill their own Rex.

TargonPiltover & Zaun Zoe Aphelios Vi – slightly unfavored

Mulligan for: Annie, House Spider, Make it Rain, Twisted Fate

  • Your opponent can go wide on the board with cheap units. Make sure to block and kill their units and prevent them from building a wide board.
  • Winding Light is their most powerful play. The less board presence they have the weaker Winding Light’s ability will be.
  • By turn 7+ (turn 6 if they have a Duskpetal Dust) your opponent will want to set up a Winding Light to empower their whole board with +2|1 and Overwhelm. An Arachnoid Sentry can stun an Overwhelm unit to lower the income damage.
  • Mystic Shot and Get Excited! are their burn tools, you want to stay at least above 6 health.
  • Riptide Rex can demolish their low health board and push tons of Nexus damage.

BligewaterShadow Isles Nami Twisted Fate – unfavored

Mulligan for: Annie, Ravenbloom Conservatory, Twisted Fate.

  • You’re up against a deck with multiple key units you have to kill. Nami, Fleet Admiral Shelly, and Twisted Fate. Both Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly will buff up the elusive units on your opponent’s board.
  • Work on getting Tybaulk on the board as fast as possible. An Overwhelm unit will force a Vengeance out of your opponent and the damage buff will be important for Riptide Rex’s turn.
  • You can work on leveling up Twisted Fate but your opponent can kill him with Tentacle Smash.

FreljordShurima Thralls – unfavored

Mulligan for: Annie, Ravenbloom Conservatory, House Spider, Twisted Fate

  • Work on leveling up Annie and advancing Ravenbloom Conservatory. Your opponent can kill your champions with Avalanche and Blighted Ravine.
  • Arachnoid Sentry + Ravenous Flock is an excellent way to eliminate Lissandra before she levels up.
  • You can stun Frostguard Thrall with Arachanoid Sentry or Tibbers to slow down the Overwhelm damage.
  • Disintegrate is a method to kill a Thrall on the spot. However, your opponent runs Rite of Negation to counter your play.
  • Scorched Earth is perfect for dealing with a Frozen Thrall. Try to play it before Taliyah copies the landmark.
  • Riptide Rex with buffed-up Cannon Barrage can wipe out the Frostguard Thralls of the board.

FreljordShadow Isles Trundle Tryndamere – unfavored

Mulligan for: Annie, Ravenbloom Conservatory, Twisted Fate

  • Your opponent runs Blighted Ravine and Avalanche to deal with your board.
  • Try to kill Faces of the Old Ones to slow down your opponent’s game plan.
  • Kill Trundle before your opponent levels him up. This will save you the headache of dealing with an Overwhelm Trundle summoned by Feel The Rush.
  • Save Arachnoid Sentry until your opponent plays Feel The Rush. You want to stun Tryndamere once he’s summoned to avoid Overwhelm damage. If Trundle is leveled up, stun him instead if you do not have a method to kill him.

Closing Words

Annie Twisted is the most popular archetype on the ranked game mode ever since Riptide Rex’s buff. The deck’s capability to remove units off the board while also setting up its game plan with Tybaulk and Riptide Rex makes it one of the best decks in the current meta.

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