Aatrox Vayne Quinn Deck Guide

Aatrox Vayne Quinn is the best deck in the game! Sorry shares his guide, teaching us all we need to start out climb.

Aatrox has been the best-performing champion since the Darkin Saga: World Ender expansion went out. Aatrox quickly rose to the top, outperforming other Aatrox variants. I’ve been playing a lot of Aatrox this past week and managed to climb up to the top 8 on the EMEA ranked ladder.

Vayne Aatrox Quinn takes the Darkin weapon gameplay to another level. Each Darkin weapon you run provides unique value to strengthen your board.

Ultimately, your objective is to strike with equipped units, which will reduce the cost of your World Ender. Scout units like Quinn and Valor, provide two strikes, accelerating the cost reduction of World Ender and Vayne’s level-up.

By turn 6, you’ll be looking to play Aatrox. You can tutor an Aatrox from the deck after playing three Darkin weapons, this ensures that you’ll always have an Aatrox ready to play.

Aatrox can be difficult to deal with thanks to the regeneration keyword. You can force blocks from the opponent and start winning the board.

Once World Ender is cheap enough to play, you can level up Aatrox and transform all equipped units to the weapon’s Darkin form.

A leveled-up Aatrox on the board will reduce the cost of all your Darkin units by 5. This lets you set up a stronger and more terrifying board with units like Styraatu, Anaakca, and Xolaani.

Aatrox has the Overwhelm keyword when leveled, which means he can end the game on his own if your opponent doesn’t deal with him.

Techs and Options

Concerted Strike: a powerful removal tool to kill key units. Don’t run more than two copies in the list.

Cataclysm: Can either be used for removal or to push Nexus damage. Cataclysm can be useful if played on units with either the Overwhelm or Scout keyword. Add only one copy to the list.

Ranger-Knight Defector: A powerful scout unit if equipped with the Darkin Harp. It helps you push Nexus damage and reduce the cost of World Ender. Cut Zealous Ranger-Knight for three copies of Ranger-Knight Defector.

Sharpsight: a spell to block elusive units and use defensively to keep your units alive. You can cut a Catch and The Darkin Lodestone for two copies of Sharpsight.

Silence and Suppress: a spell to destroy equipment and silence a follower. It’s ideal in the mirror matchup, so if you’re looking to have an edge on other Aatrox decks two copies of Silence and Suppress can come in handy.

Fiora: You can run one Fiora in the list instead of Quinn. She can drop on turn 4 and synergize well with darkin weapons, allowing you to kill pesky units and threaten to achieve her win condition.

General Tips

Challenger units and Darkin weapons. Fleet Feather Tracker and Valor work best with The Darkin Harp, the Quick Attack lets you pick off units and keep yours alive. Petricite Broadwing synergizes with The Darkin Aegis and The Darkin Spear; the additional heal can let you kill buffier units.

The World Ender play. Before casting World Ender, you can set up your board to get the most value out of it. Equipping your units with Darkin Weapons means you’ll be able to transform them into their Darkin Forms while also keeping those weapons equipped for future plays.

Double Aatrox. You can unequip Aatrox’s Darkin Blade by either playing Fish Fight or giving him another weapon. You’ll then need to play The Darkin Blade on another follower, which will transform into Aatrox once The World Ender is cast. With two Aatrox on the board, all of your Darkin units will cost 0 mana.

Keywords/Buffs and Darkin units. Once weapons transform into their Darkin form through World Ender, they will get the keywords and buffs the unit has gained. This means you’ll get the challenger keyword from Petricite Broadwing and Fleetfeather Tracker, the Tough keyword from Steadfast Elkin, and the +2|+2 from Darkinthrall.
You will not transfer the keywords to the Darkin form from units that already have the keyword on play. For example, Valor’s Scout and Challenger keywords will not be retained if transformed. While Ranger-Knight Defensor’s scout keyword will remain on the Darkin form because the keyword was gained afterward through a condition that had to be met.


Piltover & Zaun Ezreal Seraphine – favored

Mulligan for: A challenger unit, Darkin Aegis or Darkin Spear, Zealous Ranger-Knight, Vayne, Catch

  • Your opponent wants to outvalue in the late game. They’ll try to keep your board in check and stop you from ending the game too soon.
  • Save Fish Fight for Ezreal and Seraphine. If you’re unable to kill those champions with your challenger units, you can rely on your removal cards to do so. Seraphine can be troublesome once leveled and if your opponent manages to set up an Ezreal along with her, your Nexus will end up getting burned.
  • They can stop you from casting World Ender with Puzzling Signposts, but Aatrox will still level up.
  • The Darkin Aegis can make it difficult for your opponent to kill off your units, and Zealous will set up more powerful attacks.
  • Darkin Bloodletters is excellent for keeping threats in play, allowing you to take advantage of the Darkinthrall, and if World Ender is played, Xoolani can close out the game with its Overwhelm.

NoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven Jinx – favored

Mulligan for: Fleet Feathertracker, Steadfast Elkin, Petricite Broadwing, The Darkin Harp, The Darkin Aegis, Zealous Ranger-Knight.

  • You’re against an aggressive deck that can go wide on the board. Try to keep up with them and trade with their units.
  • Steadfast Elkin‘s tough keyword will allow it to block units and remain on the board. Your opponent will need a Vision to go through the tough.
  • Challenger units with a Darkin Harp can be extremely powerful. It might force a Get Excited out of the opponent.
  • If there’s a Draven on the board, make sure to keep Whirling Death in mind as a counterplay.
  • Fish Fight is ideal for eliminating Jinx.
  • Aatrox provides the healing you need to survive the late-game burn.

BligewaterNoxus Miss Fortune Twisted Fate – favored

Mulligan for: Fleet Feathertracker, Steadfast Elkin, Petricite Broadwing, The Darkin Harp, The Darkin Aegis, Zealous Ranger-Knight.

  • Match your opponent’s early aggression. A challenger unit equipped with a darkin weapon can assist you in keeping up with your opponent’s board.
  • Miss Fortune can be bothersome on your defensive turns. Make sure to focus on killing her.
  • Be careful of Twisted Fate’s destiny cards. Having multiple 1 health units on the board can make you weak against a Red card.
  • Have Aatrox on the board as soon as you can. The healing from Aatrox is important to survive the burn plan.
    Noxian Fervor can be played to deny you from healing with Aatrox. You can save Fish Fight for Aatrox, allowing you to get additional healing.
  • Aatrox’s Deathbringer Sweep is a great tool to interrupt Noxian Fervor and heal up your Nexus.
  • Do not kill Twisted Fate if you don’t have to. You might want to try and set up a lethal swing on the upcoming turn and another Twisted Fate with a Yellow card can slow shut down you lethal.

IoniaShadow Isles Zed Hecarim- favored

Mulligan for: Fleet Feathertracker or Blinding Assault, Darkin Harp, Vayne, Petricite Broadwing + Darkin Aegis or Darkin Spear.

  • Zed Hecarim is all offense with weak defense. You want to pick off units like Zed, Shadow Apprentice, and Soul Shepherd.
  • Most lists don’t run Vile Feast, but if they do, Catch can keep your Fleetfeather Tracker and Valor alive.
  • Aatrox + Fish Fight can be an answer for Hecarim. However, your opponent has Twin Disciples as an answer.
  • Defiant Dance is a strong answer for your Aatrox; make sure you have a blocker ready to deal with the Blade.

BligewaterFreljord Gangplank Sejuani – favored

Mulligan for: Steadfast Elkin, Petricite Broadwing, Zealous, Darkin Aegis, Darkin Spear

  • Plunder wants to damage your Nexus once a turn and level up their champions as soon as possible.
  • Prevent their units from striking your Nexus and force them to commit resources like Warning Shot, Parrrley, or Make it Rain.
  • On turn 1, don’t play Fleetfeather Tracker until they make a play. You don’t want to give them a free Parrrley play.
  • Sejuani can be problematic once leveled. The freeze can shut down your attack. You’ll need to kill her with Fish Fight or run them out of damage cards.
  • A leveled Aatrox can block their champions and buy you time until you set up a lethal attack.

Runeterra Kayn Aatrox – favored

Mulligan for: Fleet Feathertracker or Valor, Darkin Harp, Vayne, Petricite Broadwing + Darkin Aegis or Darkin Spear.

  • Challenger units with Darkin Weapon can be bothersome for your opponent. They can keep their unit alive with Momentus Choice.
  • Kayn can carry opponent’s mid-game. With valor/tracker + Darkin Harp and Zealous’ buff, you can kill him.
  • Unforgivable Cold can thwart your attacks, providing your opponent with a valuable trade.
  • Watch out for Furious Wielder, it can be played to kill off your Aatrox.

RuneterraDemacia Aatrox Vayne – even

Mulligan for: Blinding Assault, The Darkin Harp, Darkin Aegis, Petricite Boardwing, Vayne, Zealous Ranger-Knight

  • Early on, challenger units with Darkin Harp can be very effective at picking off units.
  • Have Fish Fight ready to kill a Valor with Darkin Hap. You don’t want to lose your board pressure to the bird.
  • If you anticipate your opponent will shut down your Valor/Tracker + Darkin Harp play with Fish Fight, you can burst equip your challenger unit with Catch. Usually, you’ll need to make the play if you’re struggling to keep up with your opponent and need to kill key units on their side of the board.
  • Try to have 2 spell mana saved for turn 6. On turn 6, you and your opponent will most likely play Aatrox. If you’re playing him first, you’ll be able to use Fish Fight to take out their Aatrox. If you’re the second to drop Aatrox, having Catch ready in case they play Fish Fight is a good option.
  • If your opponent is using The Darkin Blade + World Ender to get an Aatrox, kill the unit with Fish Fight or Aatrox’s Deathbringer Sweep.
  • You’d rather transform weapons into their Darkin forms with World Ender rather than play them. This offers additional value that you might need in the later stages of the game.

NoxusShadow Isles Gwen Katarina – even

Mulligan for: Blinding Assault, The Darkin Harp, Darkin Aegis, Petricite Boardwing, Vayne, Zealous Ranger-Knight

  • Katarina is the biggest threat. A fish fight and a unit with a weapon ready to kill her before she attacks are required.
  • Valor combined with The Darkin Harp can annoy your opponent. A Vile Feast can shut you down, but Catch is a great answer.
  • A leveled Aatrox can win the game. You want to survive until that point of the game. Don’t force trades if you don’t have to; stay on the defense.
  • You want to use Aatrox as a blocker. This means you’ll need to always have a unit weaker than Aatrox on the board so he doesn’t get rendered useless by Fallen Reckoner.
  • If you expect The Harrowing, avoid killing weak units like Spiderling to make Harrowing weaker.

DemaciaNoxus Rumble Vayne – unfavored

Mulligan for: Fleet Feathertracker or Valor, Darkin Harp, Vayne, Petricite Broadwing + Darkin Aegis or Darkin Spear.

  • Your opponent relies on Rumble as their only win condition.
  • A Valor or Tracker with a Darkin Harp is your best way to kill Rumble.
  • You’ll need two strike spells to go through Rumble’s Spell Shield and kill him. Your opponent, on the other hand, can retaliate with Riposte or Bloody Business.
  • Do not block Rumble if you’re trying to strike him with a spell mid-combat. A Whirling Death can kill your unit or level up Rumble and give him a Spell Shield.

Closing Words

Aatrox Vayne Quinn has been the most-played deck since the hotfix for Patch 3.21 dropped. The archetype is one of the best choices for a ladder climb as it doesn’t have a true counter outside of Vayne Rumble.


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