9 New Standard Decks for Day 1 of Patch 4.4 | Glory in Navori

Are you searching for inspiration for your decks in the latest Patch? Look no further than Sorry's expertly crafted lineup of 9 New Decks for Day 1 of Patch 4.4 Glory in Navori.

Patch 4.4 is right around the corner, and it’s time to get ready for the new meta. This patch aims to address the most dominant decks in the current meta, including Fizz Samira and Leona Samira, while boosting underplayed cards. The nerfs to top-tier decks will create opportunities for more archetypes to perform well on the ranked ladder.

In this article, I’ll share nine different decks to play on Day 1 of Patch 4.4, let’s get started!

LeBlanc Bard

With the new Mirror Image buff, LeBlanc can easily fit different decks that lack 5+ power units. On the other hand, this Bard deck features plenty of them, and as the game goes on, the Chimes will get things buffy.

The game plan is to apply early board pressure with LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker, Trifarian Hopeful, and Reckless Trifarian. Throughout the game, the Chimes drawn will increase the stats of your units, advancing Bard’s level-up condition and creating a more formidable board.

Meduli, The Gatekeeper will double the number of Chimes in your deck. With Mirror Image, you’ll even increase those Chimes, setting up even more powerful units as the game goes on.

The card draw from Trifarian Assessor can replenish your hand, giving more plays for future turns. As for The Gray Apothecary, your 5+ power units dying will provide you with new units to drop on the board. You might want to hold onto those units until the Chimes start hitting.

Overwhelm is crucial for threatening direct Nexus damage, so Might and Kato the Arm are included in the deck to create an immediate threat. Trifarian Training Pits can also put more attack pressure with the Rally activation.

Diana Jack

The Diana Jack Aurelion Sol deck is an invoke deck designed to outvalue opponents while also putting multiple threats on the board.

It utilizes early units like Lunari Duskbringer, Solari Soldier, Diana, and Twilight Protector to keep up with the opponent and even create some aggression. If you manage to keep a wide board of units, The Winding Light can join the battle and buff up all other units, creating an Overwhelm win condition.

Jack acts as a support champion in this deck. He’s a solid mid-game unit capable of applying pressure and creating Coins, which in turn help activate Nightfall effects.

Invoke cards like Solari Priestess, Moondreamer, Starshaping, and Celestial Trifecta provide the necessary value you’ll need to make sure you keep a powerful late game.

As the game goes on, you’ll start putting bigger units on the board, like The Great Beyond or The Immortal Fire, capable of dealing Nexus damage and potentially ending the game. A leveled Aurelion Sol means you’ll basically take over the game with your 0-cost Celestial cards.

Teemo Tristana Noxus

Teemo Tristana Noxus is expected to be a popular choice for players who prefer aggressive playstyles. The archetype has already been performing decently in the meta, and with the buff to Bandle Gunners, we’ll likely see a lot of Teemo Tristana on day 1 of Patch 4.4.

The deck swarms the board with low-cost, multi-region units. These multi-region units will also advance Tristana’s level-up condition and reduce the cost of Bandle Gunners.

Once Tristana is leveled up, she grants multi-region units +1 power and the Impact keyword. The Impact damage will slowly burn down the opponent’s Nexus, creating a threat the more units you have on the board. With Bandle Gunners’ new buff, you’ll likely play her for a low mana cost, putting a threat on the board capable of pushing a lot of Impact damage and having an extra protection layer with Spell Shield.

The list runs tools to put more pressure on the opponent, such as Might and Sneezy Biggledust. Might enables you to deal Overwhelm damage; ideally, you want to play it on a Tristana, as she’ll have the most power on the board. As for Sneezy Biggledust, the fact that your deck is capable of swarming the board means you can get more value out of the buffs Sneezy offers and will set up for a powerful swing if the opponent doesn’t have enough blockers.

Shyvana Aurelion Sol

The Shyvana Aurelion Sol deck capitalizes on the buff given to Kadregrin the Infernal, which provides a +4|+4 stat boost to other ally Dragons everywhere.

This is a midrange deck that looks to dominate the board presence with Dragons. Units like Shyvana, Screeching Dragon, and Wounded Whiteflame can gain stats when they kill units with the Fury keyword. Ruined Dragonguard provides additional stats to Dragons and creates a threatening board that your opponent needs to deal with.

Once Shyvana levels up, she’ll be extremely difficult to deal with, as she’ll gain additional stats once an attack is committed and can pick off pesky units with Strafing Strike.

Aurelion Sol is your late-game champion that can be dropped earlier than turn 10 with the assistance of Eclipse Dragon‘s Daybreak effect. Having high-stat units along with an Aurelion Sol will ensure his level up on the upcoming turn, and from there you can cast the Celestial card you’ve created for 0 mana.

Kadregrin the Infernal will buff up all your Dragons, making it almost impossible for your opponent to kill them. If you manage to follow it up with a Dragon’s Clutch, the Overwhelm damage will ensure that those stats are put to use and close out the game.

LeBlanc Gwen

LeBlanc Gwen created by Sorry • last updated 7 months ago

The recent buff to Mirror Image has removed the restriction on copying only ally units with 5+ Power, enabling LeBlanc to be used in the Gwen Noxus deck. Gwen Noxus used to be a top-tier deck before it was hit with multiple nerfs and kicked out of the meta.

The neat thing about Gwen Noxus is that the nerf to Oculent Foyer doesn’t affect the deck much, so it remains a powerful landmark in the list.

LeBlanc Gwen wants to put in an aggressive game plan with early units that start chipping away at the Nexus. Gwen can be extremely annoying with the Hallowed keyword, she’s difficult to kill and can push a lot of damage if not blocked. The list runs Might to take advantage of both Hallowed and Overwhelm keywords, allowing you to threaten a lot of Nexus damage.

LeBlanc’s Mirror Image can be played on important units like Gwen, Eternal Dancers, Fallen Reckoner, and Incisive Tactician. All those units give you additional value by copying them, making sure that Mirror Image isn’t only providing an ephemeral unit but also squeezing more value out of your units.

Secret Keeper and Priestess Of Desert Light Deck

Featuring six different champions, this deck revolves around Secret Keeper and Priestess of Desert Light as its main game plan. Early units such as Forsaken Baccai and Aspiring Chronomancer with the Predict effect assist in finding Secret Keeper and Priestess.

Shuffling leveling 2 champions with Secret Keeper can later be found with Predict cards or summoned by Priestess of Desert Light. The buff to Priestess will grant those summoned champions +2|+2 stats, making them more resilient and capable of changing the course of the game.

In theory, you’re only able to summon one champion from Priestess of Desert Light before she dies. We can prevent her from dying by playing Boar Stance on her, the Regeneration keyword will heal her up at the end of every round. Udyr, Inner Beast, and Vulpine Wanderer will create the Stance Swap.

Riven Vayne

Riven Vayne created by Sorry • last updated 7 months ago

This Riven Vayne deck by Sirturmund utilizes the newly buffed Retired Reckoner as part of its strategy. This archetype resembles the more well-known Rumble Vayne deck but uses Riven instead to enable its game plan with the help of the created Blade Fragments.

Overwhelm is how you win the game! A leveled Riven can gain the Overwhelm keyword with Blade of Exile and start dealing a lot of damage. The Great Hammers can be equipped on units like Blocking Badgerbear or Ranger-Knight Defector, allowing you to turn them into dangerous threats.

Retired Reckoner acts as another win condition that gains more power as you target it. Keen Blade Fragment provides the Quick Attack keyword that lets you swing with your unit and make sure it doesn’t get traded off.

Finally, Vayne’s Tumble and Cataclysm can accelerate the pace of the game, allowing you to set up more attacks with your key units.

Teemo Caitlyn BC

Another attempt to make Teemo Caitlyn competitive. Patch 4.4 buffs Advanced Intel, letting you now draw a card along with the 2 Flashbomb traps you plant in the opponent’s deck.

The objective of this deck is to plant Poison Puffcaps and Flashbomb Traps with the help of cards like Teemo, Caitlyn, Flashbomb Peddler, Puffcap Peddler, and Chump Whump.

The Flashbomb Traps can damage or kill your opponent’s units, potentially removing threats or creating openings for your units to strike the opponent’s Nexus.

As for the Poison Puffcaps, they serve as the primary win condition. You’ll want your opponent to draw them as soon as possible and start damaging their Nexus, eventually destroying it.

You can accelerate the draw of those traps by using cards like Insider Knowledge and Corina, Mastermind.

Mono Shurima

The Mono Shurima archetype received several small buffs to cards like Azir, Nasus, and Glory’s Call. The buffs will give the archetype a light push into the meta, giving it a chance to keep up with other meta decks.

The primary objective is to fulfill the Buried Sun Disc‘s condition and ascend your champions. Leveling up your champions and having a Rockbear Shepherd on the board will accelerate your landmark’s advancement. Azir should be the easiest to level up, while Renekton and Nasus might be a bit tricky to manage their level-up if your opponent can kill them before they strike.

Each of your champions can be extremely powerful once ascended. Azir creates the Emperor’s deck, which offers powerful cards that set you up to dominate the game in future turns. As for Nasus and Renekton, they offer an immediate threat capable of pushing Nexus damage and potentially ending the game.

Closing Words

The early days of a new patch are always exciting as players experiment with various new decks to find the most effective and competitive options. While not all of the decks showcased here may become top-tier, they provide a range of game plans for players with varying playstyles to explore.

Thank you for reading, and follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date with my content.


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