8 New Decks for Day 1 of Glory in Navori Expansion

In this article, Sorry shares 8 Deck Builds that you can play on Day 1 of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.3.

Strap in your seat belts; Patch 4.3 Glory in Navori expansion is about to land.

We have three new champions, Samira, Sett, and Jack, joining the Runeterra roster, along with many new cards.

Riot Games has provided many content creators with early access to the new patch, giving us the opportunity to watch the cards in action before the official release.

I’ve gathered eight decks to share in today’s article. Let’s get started!

Sett Karma

Sett Karma is a control late-game deck that Alanzq tested during early access. Your main objective is to prolong the game until turn 10, when Karma takes over the game.

The deck runs many units to help you keep up with your opponent’s board development and stack up the Coins in your hand.

As for Sett, he acts as a better version of Vi, allowing you to pick pesky units off the board while also generating Show Stopper, a powerful unit removal tool.

Managing to drop Serene Sky-Singer on the board will reduce the mana cost of all the spells in your decks. This sets you up to dominate future turns as you draw more cards from your deck.

Once both Karma and Sett are on the board, Show Stopper can remove important units while also dealing board and Nexus damage. Additionally, you’ll gain more value out of Coin with Karma’s double cast ability.

There are a lot of protection tools in the deck to keep key units alive. Cards like Tag Out!, Concussive Palm, and Deny will help you keep your champions alive to see future turns.

Fizz Samira

Fizz Samira created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

Fizz Samira can be quite aggressive with the cheap units on the list, like Elegant Edge, Daring Demolishiner, and Father Furry. Popular Twitch streamer, Snnuy played this deck during early access, and he seemed pleased with its performance.

The fact that your list runs a lot of cheap cards means you’ll be able to level up Samira consistently. A leveled Samira will create 0 mana flairs and can threaten to activate Rally, especially with the help of Stylish Shot. The Rally attack can put enough pressure on the opponent to potentially end the game.

Running a lot of cheap cards in the list means you’ll end up running out of gas, this is where Barbed Chain, Eye of Nagakabouros, and Inferna play a crucial role in keeping the engine running for additional plays.

There is another version of Fizz Samira that Daylton has been testing out during the early access. This version focuses more on an elusive win condition with cards like Fleet Admiral Shelly and Wiggle Burblefish.

Fizz Samira created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

Jax Jack

Jax Jack created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

The double J deck is here! This deck takes advantage of equipment units like Wander Shepherd and Combat Cook to work on Jax’s level-up. The new equipment, Barknuckles, plays an important role in advancing Jax’s level while adding Coin value on every strike.

Fish Fight allows you to take advantage of your equipment, striking problematic enemy units while keeping your units safe. Prize Fight lets you strike your opponent’s units down to 1 health; this can come in handy for your Make it Rain or Heavy Metal to finish them off.

Both your champions can start dealing Overwhelm damage once leveled. The additional Power they gain will turn them into a win condition that simply cannot be ignored.

Jack Sett

Sett synergies with Jack and his support cards as they provide Coin generation, giving you additional mana that helps you level up Sett faster.

Early game you want to keep up with your opponent’s board development with your early units while working on stacking your coins.

Jack is a powerful play on turn 4, putting board pressure and stacking your coins with every strike.

As for Sett, he’s a nuisance to your opponent with his challenger keyword, allowing you to pick off pesky units. Killing Sett can force a lot of resources out of your opponent. The Barrier he gains once he drops below 1 health provides an extra protection layer.

A leveled Sett can be a nightmare for your opponent; once an attack is committed, your opponent will not be able to damage or kill Sett, ensuring your Sett survives the attack phase.

With such powerful units on the board, you’ll need to accelerate the game plan, and Nukkle can set that up. A Nukkle into a Mako into a Bull will activate Rally, allowing you to put a lot of pressure on one turn. You’ll need to have Coins stacked to set up this play.

Lucian Azir

Another attempt to revive Lucian Azir. This archetype was a dominant force in the game for a short period before it was hit with multiple nerfs. The addition of Form Up! and Fallen Sands General players might give Lucian Azir another shot on the competitive ladder.

This deck strategy relies heavily on summoning Sand Soldiers onto the board using Azir and Emperor’s Dias. The wide attacks from these units enable players to deal Nexus damage and slowly whittle down the opponent’s defenses. Additionally, units with the Scout keyword, such as Valor and Greenfang Warden, can summon additional Sand Soldiers, thereby creating a more aggressive game plan.

Furthermore, by having Sand Soldiers die in front of Lucian, players can level him up faster, which in turn threatens to activate Rally. As players continue to summon Sand Soldiers, they will also work on buffing up the power of their Fallen Sands General. This Overwhelm unit can be the key to closing out the game and securing a victory.

Samira Gwen

Samira Gwen created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

Gwen isn’t new to the Noxus region, Katarina Gwen wreaked havoc for a long time before the archetype was hit with nerfs.

Samira Gwen is a new Noxus version that uses Samira’s Flair to set up more powerful attacks, capable of threatening units on your opponent’s side of the board while also imposing some aggression with the Overwhelm units.

You’ll want to focus on stacking your Hallowed keyword, allowing you to set up more powerful attacks. The Challenger keyword from Samira’s Flair lets you pick off enemy units with either Samira or Gwen.

Dashing Dandy can be an extremely powerful attacker in the later stages of the game once you’ve stacked up your Hallowed keyword. The Overwhelm damage can be an unpleasant sight for your opponent, especially with the additional Power from the Hallowed stacks.

Samira Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Samira created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

Samira Miss Fortune is an aggressive monkey deck that looks to set up an early wide board and chip away at the opponent’s Nexus while taking advantage of your units’ Plunder effects.

Activating Plunder is crucial for the later stages of the game, as your strongest play will be Powder Pandemonium. The game developers anticipated the power boost this card would get with the release of new Plunder cards and decided to nerf it in Patch 4.3.

The full board of Powder Monkey will slam down the Nexus and threaten to destroy your Nexus.

Samira Jack

Samira Jack created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

This deck uses a lot of plunder cards like Jagged Butcher, Father Fury, Brazen Buccaneer, and Dashing Dandy as part of its game plan.

Samira puts early pressure on the board with her Quick Attack and Flair, letting you pick off weak units, and keeping the board in check.

Units with Brash or Overwhelm keywords can push Nexus damage, threatening to destroy the Nexus if an answer isn’t available for your opponent.

Jack acts as a win condition, and the Brash keyword makes it a challenge for your opponent to have a blocker ready. Additionally, a leveled Jack will start pushing Overwhelm damage, and can potentially end the game with the extra Power he gains.

This list runs a Reptide Rex, capable of destroying the opponent’s board with Cannon Barrage and squeezing Nexus damage. Adroit Artificer can reactivate Plunder effects, gaining additional value out of your cards, yes, that’s another Cannon Barrage your opponent has to deal with.

Closing Words

The new champions and cards bring a lot of innovation potential to the table. The Standard format forces a completely new meta, and with a lot of cards out of the picture, players will have to figure out the best decks in the new format.


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