8 Eternal Decks For Day 1 of Patch 4.5

As the Eternal Ranked approached, Sorry has 8 different decks to share.

The Eternal Ranked mode will launch on Wednesday, which means the Eternal game mode is about to get more competitive. Many players are eager to test out the competitive atmosphere of the Eternal mode, and with the next Runeterra Open being Eternal, the ranked mode will serve as the perfect training ground to sharpen skills and adapt to the evolving meta.

While it’s challenging to predict the exact decks that will emerge as top-tier contenders, some promising candidates include Karma Sett and Fizz Samira. These decks may undergo a few modifications to incorporate potential Eternal cards into their strategies. Keep in mind that those decks might receive nerfs in Patch 4.5.

Today’s article will feature old and new decks that might find success on the Eternal ladder. Let’s get started!

Sett Trundle

Sett Trundle created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

Both Trundle and Sett synergize with one another, as the Ice Pillar from Trundle accelerates Sett’s level-up condition. This allows you to start playing the Show Stopper a turn earlier than expected.

To maintain control of the board in the early stages of the game, the deck includes cards like Avalanche and Blighted Ravine. Buried in Ice and It The Stares provide a potent board removal tool in the late game, keeping your opponent on their toes.

To expedite your game plan, the deck incorporates ramp cards such as Winter’s Touch, Catalyst of Ions, and Wild Mysticism, enabling you to play high-cost cards earlier than expected.

The pinnacle of this deck is the formidable play, Feel The Rush, which summons Trundle and Sett with a staggering 10|10 stats. As Feel The Rush costs 12 mana, it ensures that Sett’s Show Stopper is immediately created upon his arrival on the board.

Jayce Lux

The Jayce Lux deck revolves around utilizing both champions as win conditions. Lux’s Final Sparks serve as crucial tools to eliminate your opponent’s units and inflict burn damage. Jayce, once leveled up, will allow you to double-cast spells with a mana cost of 6 or higher.

The ability to double cast becomes especially advantageous when Lux is present on the board, as it enables the creation of additional Final Sparks. By playing Acceleration Gate alongside Lux, you can buff your board’s stats and unleash two Final Sparks, setting up a potentially lethal attack.

Furthermore, Albus Ferros acts as another win-condition. Not only does he draw Jayce for you, but his ability also deals significant burn damage after an attack is initiated.

Ziggs Taliyah

Ziggs Taliyah is a classic aggressive deck centered around landmarks. Its primary objective is to establish early aggression using low-cost units like Inventive Chemist, Rock Hopper, and Endless Devout. The landmarks generated by this deck aid in champion leveling and pave the way for powerful future attacks. Landmarks like Hibernating Rockbear and Sarcophagus summon robust units, exerting additional pressure on the opponent.

Once Taliyah levels up, her ability to deal extra damage becomes a constant threat, forcing opponents to block her attacks. By playing The Absolver, you can give her the Overwhelm keyword, instantly transforming her into a win condition capable of inflicting significant Nexus damage.

As for Ziggs, his burn ability provides you with an alternate win condition, putting your opponent on a timer and forcing them to kill your champion. The more landmarks you destroy, the less time your opponent will have before they watch their Nexus get destroyed.

Finally, Herald of the Magus will buff up both your champions and grant them the Overwhelm keyword. This sets up powerful attacks with your champions that could end the game on the spot.

Vayne Rumble

Vayne Rumble created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

Vayne Rumble is a combo-oriented deck that uses Rumble as its main win condition.

The deck aims to swiftly find Rumble in the early stages, which is why it includes Legionary Charge to facilitate drawing the champion. Once Rumble is in play, it is crucial to discard three cards to obtain the spell shield, which offers an additional layer of protection.

Rumble can become a nuisance once he attacks, forcing the opponent to block him if they wish to keep their Nexus safe. Great Hammers or Might provide the Overwhelm damage, letting Rumble connect with the Nexus and start putting on the pressure.

Given that Rumble serves as the deck’s primary win condition, it is vital to launch multiple attacks with him, constantly pressuring opponents. This is where both Vayne and Ruined Reckoner prove valuable. These units facilitate additional attacks with Rumble, posing a significant threat to destroy the Nexus and bring the game to an end.

Seraphine Aphelios Viktor

Seraphine Aphelios Viktor is a control value-oriented deck that utilizes all three champions as a win condition. Aphelios is capable of hitting the board in the early game, granting access to the Moon Weapons, which generate value and help keep pace with the opponent’s board development. The Moon Weapons also contribute to Seraphine’s level-up, which proves advantageous in the later stages of the game.

By turn 7, Back Alley Bar can come down on the board, discounting all your new cards, which sets up more plays in future turns. This synergy becomes exceptionally potent when a leveled-up Seraphine is on the board. The value generated by her double-cast ability can become exceedingly challenging for opponents to contend with.

Ultimately, the deck aims to outvalue opponents, securing control of the board and setting up win conditions. Its unique play style allows for the creation of different win conditions in each game, such as establishing a wide board of units or even developing an Elusive or Overwhelm win condition.

Additionally, the inclusion of Purrsuit of Perfection summons a Catastrophe with 30|30 stats and the Overwhelm keyword. This powerful unit poses a threat to destroy the opponent’s Nexus if it successfully strikes.

Azir Irelia

Azir Irelia created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

Azir Irelia was once regarded as one of the premier decks in the game before receiving a few nerfs to reduce its dominance. This archetype capitalizes on Azir’s Sand Soldiers to establish a wide presence on the board and gradually chip away at the opponent’s Nexus.

Both Azir and Emperor’s Dias grant access to Sand Soldiers, enabling broader attacks and advancing the level-up of both Azir and Irelia. The Blade Dance keyword synergizes with the Sand Soldiers, triggering Azir and Emperor’s Dias to summon attacking Sand Soldiers alongside the Blades. This synergy amplifies the effectiveness of units like Irelia, Ribbon Dancer, and Blossoming Blade, which excel at setting up aggressive attacks and forcing opponents to expend valuable resources.

Furthermore, Domination empowers the Sand Soldiers and Blades, acting as an early Azir buff that transforms your 1-mana unit into a formidable threat capable of dealing substantial Nexus damage.

Given the importance of preserving key units, the deck includes protection tools such as Wuju Style, Homecoming, and Retreat to ensure the champions remain intact and secure.

Gangplank Sejuani

Gangplank Sejuani is widely recognized as one of the most reliable and consistent decks for climbing the ranked ladder due to its favorable matchups against a variety of meta decks. It excels against both aggressive and midrange strategies, making it a versatile and popular choice among players.

Against aggressive decks, Gangplank Sejuani has the tools to effectively shut down their early-game plans. Shellshocker and Marai Warden allow you to keep up with their board development, while low-cost spells like Parrrley and Make it Rain offer efficient ways to eliminate pesky units and inflict damage to the opponent’s Nexus.

The main objective of the deck is to level up your champions as quickly as possible. To achieve this, it’s crucial to ping the opponent’s Nexus every turn. Once Gangplank and Sejuani level up, they’ll put more board pressure with their unique abilities and Overwhelm keyword.

Sejuani plays a crucial role in dealing with midrange decks that rely on board presence to secure victory. Her Freeze effect effectively shuts down their attacks, allowing you to safely trade with their units and gain control over the board.

Aphelios Lux

I found this Aphelios Lux midrange deck by Cephalopod. This deck uses Aphelios’ Moon Weapons to mitigate the early game, allowing you to keep up with the opponent.

By leveraging Aphelios’ abilities, the deck aims to create Final Spark as you cast spells, providing a damage tool to eliminate the opponent’s units and apply burn Nexus damage simultaneously.

The deck also includes cards like Starshaping, Moondreamer, and Celestial Trifecta, which contribute to establishing a secondary win condition. Celestial units such as The Great Beyond or The Scourge, set up a powerful attack that could potentially end the game.

Closing Words

It will be exciting to watch how the competitive Eternal mode develops over the next couple of weeks. To stay updated on my latest content, consider following me on Twitter.


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