6 Decks Starring Arcane Champions

You've binged the Arcane and it left you wanting more? Pick up one of these decks, and vibe with your favorite characters while waiting for the new episodes of the show.

Hello, it’s Mezume here! If you are here, you probably did the same as I have – watched some Arcane!

Now whether you are a Legends of Runeterra veteran or a novice looking for inspiration, I am here to present to you some decklists that revolve around the Arcane champions that are already in our card game. That’s right – in these lists, they are not just sidekicks; instead, they’re the stars of the show!

While compiling these, I wanted to make sure not only that they include our favourite Piltover & Zaun champions, but that they met some extra criteria.

First of all, as mentioned before, they are the reason the deck can exist. Secondly, the strategies are at least somewhat viable and can win games – whether you’re going to play it in Iron, Gold, or even Masters!

So without further blabbering, let’s dive into battle with your favourite Arcane champions!

Riven Vi created by Mezume • last updated 2 years ago

This deck revolves around and showcases Vi, the Piltover Enforcer. Though she now works alongside the likes of Caitlyn to bring down the evil-doers, that is not always who she was. Her strong punch came from her less-than-ideal childhood, in which she had to do what she could to survive – even if it wasn’t exactly stellar behaviour. The list I am showcasing for her is one that focuses very much on that strong punch, as we will aim to destroy the enemy Nexus with a powerful attack or two from the self-proclaimed Piltover’s finest.

To do that, we will have to first ensure Vi has enough power to do so. Ballistic Bot and its Ignition, Riven’s Blade Fragments and a plethora of cheap cards such as Zaunite Urchin and Poro Cannon allow us to grow her attack to 10, at which point she can be granted keywords that turn her punch from a removal tool to a threat for the opponent’s nexus. Ambush can give her Elusive, which in some matchups wins the game on the spot, while Heavy Blade Fragment and Blade of the Exile provide her with Overwhelm, making her even more unstoppable. Finally, Survival Skills can ensure that she stays safe while doing all that.

Obviously the list is not JUST Vi. Ballistic Bot and Riven both provide an alternative win condition, as their attack can grow at a similar speed to that of the Piltover Enforcer, while burn cards such as Get Excited and Mystic Shot give some much needed over-the-top damage if the damage from the board is not enough.

Overall, this is a fairly simple deck to pick up, but it has enough nuance to keep you busy learning it for a while. It is also very true to Vi’s philosophy – after all, Vi stands for Violence.

The Piltover Sheriff is its finest peacekeeper is a fantastic sniper with her rifle; yet her greatest asset lay somewhere else: in her exceptional intelligence. Her cunning is nearly unmatched, as few lawbreakers can even hope to avoid her elaborate traps. She often acts as the partner for Vi – to be the cool-headed counterpoint to her temper. In this deck, however, she will instead join forces with another trap lover in Teemo.

This pairing works very well in the game as they both plant traps on enemy cards – thus making drawing awkward for the opponent, as they could lose their board through Caitlyn’s Flashbomb Traps, as well as Teemo’s Puffcaps. The deck runs as many ways to create those traps as possible, with Caitlyn able to translate them into further damage once she is levelled, like the true mastermind she is. Cards such as Ava Achiever and Corina, Mastermind further amplify these strengths of the deck, while Insider Knowledge refills your hand at the same time as forcing the opponent to draw into more traps.

Furthermore, the list has some removal in the form of Mystic Shot and Pokey Stick to help you live long enough to see the traps destroy the opponent’s Nexus. The deck is incredibly thematic and feels great to play, as you’ll always be excited to see how many traps your opponent hurts themselves with!

Another genius on this list is Ekko. His story was changed forever when he has found a way to travel through time thanks to a hextech crystal. Able to warp time in small increments as much as he wanted to, as long as his body had enough energy. He’s not the only one to manipulate time in Runeterra, however, as the Chronokeeper himself joins him in this deck to create a powerful time-bending duo.

Ekko and Zilean both use their time-warping powers to Predict their next draws with the use of cards like Time Trick, Ancient Preparations and Aspiring Chronomancer. The goal for the list is to slowly build up a board through buffs from Xenotype Researchers and removal like Time Bombs, which Ekko can then revive and Rally with his level-up spell – Chronobreak. This means that even if you somehow lost your board – whether through trades or powerful spells form the opponent, you get a chance at a do-over with all your units that died that turn; while the enemy has to work with what they have left!

Even if Ekko cannot do it himself – either because you did not draw him or could not find the Chronobreaks – there are other ways to win too. Most notably, Thrumming Swarm is a great way to overwhelm the opposing player but units buffed by Xenotype Researchers are no slouches either. It is a fun list and it feels fantastic to pull off a strong Chronobreak, so if you like Ekko – you’ll like the deck!

The Revered Inventor, Heimerdinger, is a yordle with a love and passion – or maybe even an obsession – for science. He’s relentless in his pursuit of greatness and answers to questions that were thought to be unanswerable. His inventions are brilliant, but also incredibly lethal – and that’s exactly what we’re looking for in this deck!

He combines forces with Lux in order to create some deadly turrets – deadly for our opponents, of course, as all they can bring for us is victory and glory. Both champions synergize extremely well with casting spells, so the list includes tons of the best that Piltover & Zaun as well as Demacia have to offer. Lux creates lasers in the form of Final Sparks to keep the board clear of opposing threats, while Heimerdinger ensures outs is full of turrets – what a perfect duo. Spells that cost 3 are the majority, as are the units, as one of Heimerdinger’s best LoR inventios – the Tri-Beam Improbulator is a focus of the deck.

Removal and protection is what the rest of the deck consists of, as we wouldn’t want our Lux or especially Heimerdinger to fall victim to any sort of danger. Sump Fumes and Thermogenic Beam are how we can remove opponent’s units until Final Sparks come into play, while Flash of Brilliance ensures that we have enough spells to go around.

Overall, the deck is actually fairly difficult to pilot, but it feels rewarding to play well, as Heimerdinger taking over games is a more than pleasant sight.

Viktor sees human flesh as merely an imperfect vessel – and so he has spent his entire life working on new inventions. At first he was simply looking for humankind with nothing but good intentions, but much has changed after a few unexpected incidents. He underwent a surgery and is now more machine than man. With this deck, you will get to use his powers to augment himself to destroy your opponents. The Glorious Evolution awaits.

The Machine Herald pairs up with Aphelios, as they synergize with each other through the power of created cards, reducing their cost to be able to play an unexpectedly high amount in one turn. Ballistic Bot and Lunari Duskbringer are some of the cards that work great in the early game, while synergizing with our champions, letting them grow while staving off opponent’s aggression. As long as you’re able to give Viktor enough time – he will get the gears running and the Glorious Evolution will come to fruition; also through the card of the same name!

Piltover & Zaun removal is combined with the powerful buff spells of Targon to ensure both your nexus as well as Aphelios and Viktor are able to withstand enemy assault and take over the game. This list is a lot of fun and makes Viktor into an unstoppable machine – just like he always wanted.

Formerly a “relatively innocent” girl, Jinx has certainly earned her nickname, the Loose Cannon. She is now an impulsive and reckless woman, some would even call her manic. Carrying a deadly arsenal of weapons, she wreaks havoc in Piltover & Zaun for seemingly one and one reason only – to wreak havoc. Hates boredom, loves mayhem. This old and tried deck showcases her behaviour very well – to succeed, you have to be reckless with your cards.

As her level up is directly related to your hand being empty, the deck runs a lot of cards that are able to discard others – or simply are cheap enough to be played out fast. This list gives you the freedom of using your cards proactively, as that progresses Jinx level up, which can be the key to victory. Cards such as Draven, Zaunite Urchin and especially Augmented Experimenter help you achieve the goal of levelling Jinx, so she can maniacally blast Super Mega Death Rockets at the enemies.

That’s not all there is to the deck, however, as it can win simply by overpowering the board early on. Arena Battlecaster and Crowd Favorite both act as fantastic payoffs for having a wide board – which you most definitely will, if you follow Jinx’s example and recklessly play your cards out! Get Excited can help get extra damage through if the board is not enough, while Survival Skills ensures that Jinx, Draven or Crowd Favorite do not get taken down.

If you love Jinx’s vibe, you’ll love this deck – sling your cards at a high tempo, without a care in the world for the consequences; and those will be dire for your opponent!

Closing Words

Arcane brought so much hype to Runeterra that it would be a pity not to turn it into some fun games of cardslinging in LoR. The decks I’ve included are fun first and foremost – I wanted to avoid just slamming first decks from a tier list and calling it a day, because where is the fun in that?!

I still believe these are viable, but the main goal was definitely to be able to introduce you to the champions – whether you’re new blood to the world of card games or just need refreshment. I hope you enjoyed Arcane premiere and I hope even more that you will enjoy trying out these decks!

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