5 Singleton Decks to Help You Achieve Prime Glory

An upcoming Gauntlet will be in Singleton format - here are five new brews that will give you a good shot at that 7-win Prime Glory run.

We are in a very interesting and important time for Legends of Runeterra because this season will see the first-ever Seasonal Tournament! Lots of players are coming back to the game to scratch that competitive itch.

Now we know there are two ways to qualify for these tournaments, either through finishing in the top 700 on the Ranked ladder or by winning weekly Gauntlets on the first attempt (which is called ‘Prime Glory’).

On top of that, we now know that half of the Gauntlets you will be able to compete in to get a Prime Glory will be in the Singleton format. I previously wrote an article on Singleton, but since then the mode has changed a bit. You can now deckbuild using 3 different regions, which opens up a lot more possibilities. On top of that, we obviously have seen a bunch of new cards as well since then.

So now is a perfect time to brew up some decks for this mode which all of a sudden competitive players will care about – as well as everyone else who has been enjoying Singleton Gauntlets! In my last article, I talked about the key to these decks being maximizing consistency in a format that is in its nature inconsistent. Here I will continue with that theme, but also brew a few other decks fitting all styles – so there will be something here for every type of player!

Consistent Midrange

This is the natural evolution of the deck I wrote about in my first Singleton article. The key here is utilizing particular tutor cards in order to consistently get access to some of your strongest cards, game after game. Draven’s Biggest Fan, Entreat, Babbling Bjerg, The Leviathan, and The Dreadway are all specific tutors that will find one of your champions or at least something very impactful in the case of the Bjerg. The goal here is win with the midrange plan, and have the strongest possible midrange presence you can have. Bilgewater, Freljord, and Noxus provide a lot of great staples in this range, and also plenty of top end ways to finish the game. On top of that they provide a really strong early game curve that will put you on the offensive most of the time. Sprinkle-in some key combat tricks, draw, and a few flex options as answers to various threats and you have a seriously consistent midrange machine. 


In this region combination, Freljord provides a really easy ramp that both Shadow Isles and Targon can take advantage of, there are lots of late game powerhouses that we can use. We’re also filling the deck with the additional midrange pieces – plenty of removal, thick bodies, and healing – all in order to get to the end game. The last thing we have to take care of is to complete the early game with enough stalling in order to stop any aggressive decks in their tracks. Overall, this seems like a viable strategy, especially since aggro in Singleton really depends on seeing a very specific and strong curve to push damage through, which might not be super reliable to get. 


Even though I just stated that aggro, in my opinion, won’t be the most consistent deck in this format, having access to three Regions now I will be giving it a shot. Here is a mashup of Pirate Burn with some added Piltover and Zaun tools that offer us a few more options. You still have the top end of Gangplank but since we can only run 1, I threw in the Swain package which should work just fine as well. The goal here is to, obviously, burn the opponent’s Nexus – and since they shouldn’t have as much healing as in Standard, maybe it will work out. If you’re looking for the easiest deck to pilot out of these, this is your best bet!


These next two decks are a little more experimental but still based on Standard archetypes. Here is a version of Kinkou Elusives that has some Bilgewater Elusives added to it, with a few more direct damage tricks. The goal here is to flood the board and punch damage through at all costs, using some of the staple combat tricks of Freljord in order to keep your best units safe from whatever removal your opponents might have. We should be able to finish the game with Gangplank, Sejuani, or one of the few curve-topper Elusive followers. There are a lot of little tricks placed into this deck that can really catch people off-guard, and I will definitely be taking this one into the Gauntlet.


The Support archetype has not seen a lot of successful competitive play so far, but it is something I have always had a blast piloting. There are so many solid cards in this archetype. The only downfall of it for Standard is that Support cards are spread out over 3 regions, which is only perfect for Singleton and gives us a great chance to make it work. Here we combine the power of Challenger with a ton of Support units and Barrier effects. This should really spit out some solid boards that are great at dealing with other Burn or midrange decks. If you can sustain your board with buffs and heals, you should be able to close out games early. This will really be a meta call, but this list could be a great counter to a lot of what you will see in Singleton. On top of that, you get to play with some cards that you probably haven’t, and with an archetype that has previously fallen short. 

Deckbuilding in Singleton is extremely fun. I would say it is quite forgiving – you can try a lot of weird cards and still find success. In this article I tried to hit 5 vastly different archetypes, so I believe everyone will have something they can relate to. Feel free to change multiple cards in each list, there really are plenty of other options at each slot that I was looking at while making the lists. Build these to fit your style, and if you are missing some of the cards just swap out with something similar and the deck should function almost the same!

I plan on taking a few of these decks into the first Singleton Gauntlet on stream and then adjusting as I go from week to week. I also have plenty of other ideas for decks, including some of them built around Landmarks or others that take some high-cost cards we haven’t seen in a while. If you have any interest in seeing more decks from this format, make sure to let us know and we will continue to put more lists! For now, enjoy these five and let us know what works and what doesn’t for you! As always, thanks for reading!


Shane has played strategy card games since before he could read, thanks to his older brother teaching him how to memorize what each card did. Currently, he is the Host of the Twin Sunz Podcast, a Legends of Runeterra podcast and community with offerings for players of all levels of skill.

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