5 Proven Singleton Decks Updated for Cosmic Creation Expansion

Get ready for this week's Gauntlet! Today I am going to share with you updated versions of the 5 lists that have proven to work great in the past - but now spiced up with the new cards from Cosmic Creation.

Welcome back to another Singleton article, and get ready for this week’s Gauntlet! Previously, I brought you 10 original Singleton decks over 2 articles, covering almost every archetype – be it aggro, midrange, or control. Since those articles were released, Cosmic Creation expansion has been introduced into the game – and it really shook things up in both Standard and Singleton.

Today I am going to share with you updated versions of the 5 lists that have proven to work great in the past – but now spiced up with the new cards from Cosmic Creation. Some updates will be simple and just add some of the new most obviously strong cards, while others will represent a bigger shift for their archetypes.

While reading this article, please remember one thing: Singleton is a mode where you can try so many different cards, and I highly encourage you to freely make changes depending on your collection and your playstyle.

1. BW/FR/NX Midrange


This is by far my most reliable deck in this format. I have taken this one into three gauntlets prior to the release of Cosmic Creation. After making some changes I have played the list you see above in the most recent Singleton Gauntlet. Over the course of those 4 runs, I have lost a total of two games and earned 4 Prime Glories with the deck.

This list is all about consistency – hitting a powerful early/midrange curve and using our high-costed threats to close out any game. Cosmic Creation added one of my favorite champions, Riven, into the deck – and she is a beast in Singleton. She provides a whole lot of value in this type of format and fits perfectly within this gameplan. If you are looking for the most straightforward and powerful Singleton deck to run, this is 100% my recommendation.

2. BW/MT/PZ Creations


Originally I created a deck focused around Subpurrsible and Purrsuit of Perfection mostly as a fun concept to run in Singleton. Now I believe that this deck has some serious competitive viability in this format.

Piltover and Zaun got a lot of strong cards, including their new champion Viktor. ‘Card creation’ synergies are really a powerful theme in this format. Pair that with probably the scariest value engine in the game, Zoe, and you have a really strong and consistent early game.

Use these strategies to out-grind your opponents as you create more and more cards out of thin air. This list might be a bit trickier one to pilot since you have to make the most out of what you get in each situation. But it is very flexible, and this is what makes it shine! 

3. BW/IO/MT Elusives


This deck previously was centered on the Ionia Elusives. It had Freljord in there as well in order to enhance your Elusive units and make them into threats that must be dealt with. The addition of powerful Elusive units in Targon and Bilgewater made me shift the focus of this deck. The main reason for this is Zoe, Sparklefly, and the Wiggly Burblefish. Pairing the old Elusive units with these new ones and adding in plenty of buffs and combat tricks from Ionia and Targon provides us with scary damage output and survivability. Targon offers so much in this format in terms of flexibility, and in this deck, it particularly shines to boost our early game.

4. DE/IO/MT Dragons


Dragons was a really fun Singleton deck that I got a lot of positive feedback on. It is a midrange powerhouse archetype that can simply beat down its opponents. The introduction of The Grand Plaza adds even more to its midrange power. The deck was already pretty tight but I cleaned up a few spots to increase the consistency and make room for other cards I wanted to try – like Captain Arrika. In a format where access to removal is limited, something that Captures a strong unit and tucks it under the SpellShield seems really strong. There are a lot of flex options you can add here, and you could also transition out of Ionia to another region entirely. Have fun with this one and feel free to experiment with different builds!

5. BW/NX/PZ Burn


Some of you LoR players just want to deal Nexus damage with reckless abandon. This deck is for you! Previously this take on Burn also received some good feedback, which I was honestly surprised out. My gut instinct going into this format originally was that burn would not be able to hold up very well, but I was surprised by how well it actually did.

Here we add some of the very solid new Noxus and Piltover & Zaun cards. Riven brings card advantage and additional damage output, Aftershock helps with direct Nexus damage and serves the role of Landmark removal, which can be key into some matchups. Brutal Hunter is a card that was also made for a format like this where removal is limited. She will really help you punish someone and contribute to a strong offensive turn.

There are a ton of other Piltover and Zaun cards that could fit into this deck, especially Ballistic Bot and a few of their Champions. Pick whatever your favorite aggressive cards are to fill out this deck – and go burn some Nexuses out!


I hope you find this series of Singleton articles useful! If you’re not a fan of a Singleton and don’t feel like deck-building, these articles can serve you well by just providing you with a battle-tested deck to let you jump right in. If you do love the format, hopefully, you can use these decks as starting points for your own deck-building.

There really are so many different options in this wide-open format, and I have barely scratched the surface. As always let me know any feedback you have on these decks, and how they worked for you! I have adjusted many of them according to previous feedback, so it really helps. I will see you back here when we get our 9th Region for even more Singleton content. Thanks for reading! 


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