5 Decks for the Singleton Runeterra Open

Five Singleton decks to consider for the Runeterra Open

The Singleton Runeterra Open is tomorrow, and I come to you with five decks that have proven to perform well in the Singleton Gauntlet.

This will be the only Singleton Runeterra Open before we move back to the standard best-of-3 format.

Riot Games also shared more information and the prize pool for the new competitive system, you can check them all here.

Let’s get started. Here are 5 Singleton decks to consider for tomorrow.

GrandpaRoji’s Cultist Deck


The cultist deck wants to find early units like Lucian, Akshan, Forsaken Baccai, and Keeper of the Box to start building an early board presence.

The Darkin Bloodletters is an important weapon for the value it provides. Summon a Darkinthrall that can keep up the pressure before switching to Xolaani in the late game for the overwhelm damage.

Rally cards like Relentless Pursuit, Golden Aegis, and Champions’ Strength will accelerate your game plan. The additional attack with a solid board of units can set up a powerful attack to destroy the opponent’s Nexus.

Varus acts as a consistent win condition since you’ll always draw him after you have played 3+ Cultist spells. His Overwhelm attacks can threaten to destroy the opponent’s Nexus.

GrandpaRoji shared this list on Twitter, mentioning that it performed well against Seraphine and Aatrox decks.

Catastrophe Seraphine


This Seraphine Catastrophe deck operates on multiple win conditions and the fact that you run a copy of each card works well with meeting both Seraphine and Catastrophe‘s conditions.

The list runs early damage spells to keep the board in check. Additionally, value units like Zap Sprayfin, Aloof Travelers, and Solari Priestess will make sure you don’t run out of options.

Pursuit of Perfection, Starshaping, and Celestial Trifecta can set up powerful units on the board that are able to push a lot of Nexus damage with an Overwhelm or Elusive keyword like The Great Beyond.

Moreover, Viktor can gain keywords the longer he remains on the board, eventually posing a threat once he gains the Elusive or Overwhelm keywords.

Shadawx’s Dragons Deck


This deck uses Dargons, Demacia’s Rally cards, Hallowed keyword, and Targon’s weapons as part of its game plan.

With Shyvana‘s change in Patch 4.1, you’re now able to work on leveling her up without the need to have her on the board. Wounded Whiteflame, Seraphic Wyvern, Mountain Drake, Screeching Dragon, and Draconic Bands are important cards to help level up Shyvana.

A leveled Shyvana can start picking off units with her Strafing Strike ability, getting buffier and scarier as the game goes on.

The Hallowed keyword can also set up stronger attacks and increase Kayle‘s Power. Both Kayle and Gwen can turn into win conditions. A leveled Kayle can start pushing Overwhelm damage. Your opponent is in trouble if she manages to gain the Double Attack keyword.

As for Gwen, the Hallowed keyword will force your opponent to sacrifice one of their units as a blocker for Gwen. The Drain damage will slowly chip away at the opponent’s Nexus, and once she’s leveled, you’ll start burning them down. Cataclysm and Rally cards will accelerate that Drain damage and potentially end the game.

LuciaDysis’ Aggro Deck


If you’re looking to complete your Runeterra Open as quickly as possible, then this is the list for you.

This aggressive deck can swarm the board with cheap units and start chipping away at the Nexus. Mark of the Isles, Brothers’ Bond, and Decisive Maneuver can set up more powerful attacks and push much-needed Nexus damage.

Noxian Fervor, Decimate, Imperial Demolitionist, Doombeast, and Jack, the Winner are your burn cards, allowing you to deal Nexus damage without having to strike the Nexus.

Captain Farron hits the board in the late game, threatening a lot of Overwhelm damage and creating two copies of Decimate to burn down the Nexus.

Dragonguy’s Hallowed Ephemerals


Think of this deck as a combination of Gwen Irelia, Azir Irelia, and Zed Hecarim decks.

You want to set up strong attacks with the help of the Hallowed keyword. Azir and Emperor’s Dias let you go wider on the board and sneak in more Nexus damage. The Sand Soldiers will also advance your Hecarim‘s level-up condition and summon a Shark Chariot if you’ve already played the unit.

Cards like Irelia, Ribbon Dancer, Blossoming Blade, and Defiant Dance take advantage of a stacked-up Hallowed, threatening to deal a lot of Nexus damage with the attacking Blade.

Hecarim hits the board in the late game, and his Overwhelm damage along with the Spectral Riders he summons will set up a powerful turn.

If Hecarim doesn’t end the game, do not fret! His level-up ability is still in effect, which means your Sand Soldiers are now striking for more damage.

SleepyPunda27’s Aatrox Equipment Deck


Aatrox is a great choice to bring to a Singleton format. You’re guaranteed to draw your champion after playing three different Darkin Equipment.

The deck wants to build a board and empower important units with your equipment. Units like Akshan, Fiora, Ranger-Knight Defector, Ruin Runner, and Bloodcursed Harpy benefit greatly from the weapons.

Once Aatrox is on the board, you can start setting up for a powerful World Ender. Transforming your Darkin Weapons into their Darkin forms will ensure you dominate the game.

Closing Words

Tomorrow’s Runeterra Open will mostly be for fun, as there’s no prize pool. In the upcoming season, competitive tournaments should start picking up. Players will start fighting for a spot in the World Championship.

Good luck with your run!


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