10 Early Master Decks – Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.3

If you're looking for decks for your Masters climb, we have you covered! Join Raphterra as he features 10 Early Master Decks in Patch 4.3.


Hello everyone, it’s Raphterra back again! LOR’s latest expansion, Glory in Navori, has only been live for a few days, but several players have already reached Master rank in this new meta. The top two contenders are currently Samira Fizz and Karma Sett, but other deck combinations have also shown success in the early days of the patch. In this article, I’ll be showcasing 10 decks that made it to Masters during the first week of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.3.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Alanzq’s Karma Sett

I’ll start with Alanzq‘s version of Karma Sett, which he’s currently piloting at an impressive 72.1% winrate in 79 games. I also had great success with Karma Sett, using it to reach Masters with an 81.8% winrate in 22 games. In my opinion, this is one of the strongest decks in Patch 4.3, rivaled only by Samira Fizz Elusives.

This deck is an incredibly powerful control combo deck that dominates games that make it to Turn 10. If you’ve been playing in the current patch, you’ve probably already faced the devastating infinite mana combos of Karma double casting Sett‘s Coins, draw spells, and removal spells.

Drisoth’s Samira Fizz Elusives

Samira Fizz Elusives is currently the most popular and successful deck in the latest patch, and it’s not hard to see why! Drisoth‘s original deck build for Samira Fizz took the ladder by storm, and pilots like Zezedude have even taken this archetype to the Top 2 Masters with an outstanding 73.7% winrate in 61 games.

The new Plunder cards from Bilgewater and Noxus are both cheap and efficient, which makes them work seamlessly with the classic Elusive combo package of Fizz, Wiggly Burblefish, and Fleet Admiral Shelly. Additionally, Samira‘s Flair generation and Inferna‘s draws provide plenty of flexibility in gameplay. This deck has the potential to become a Tier 0 deck. If you’re looking to climb the ladder quickly, Samira Fizz should be at the top of your list.

EV Mana’s Norra Heimerdinger

Moving on, let’s look at an old guard from previous patches: Norra Heimerdinger. EV Mana has taken this control deck to Masters with an impressive 75% winrate in 68 games. Standard Shadow Isles Bandle City decks have lost some of their control tools, such as Vile Feast and Pokey Stick, in the latest card rotation. However, Quietus, Pie Toss, and Soul Harvest are still doing a decent job of controlling the early game for Norra Heimerdinger.

EV Mana has also included two copies of a spicy card, Eclectic Collection, in this build. This addition alone makes Norra Heimerdinger worth trying out!

無法のドラ単騎’s Maokai Nautilus

Is Maokai Nautilus Deep still relevant in 2023? 無法のドラ単騎 has been piloting the deck with a respectable winrate of 65.2% in 72 games. Deep serves as a hard counter to Karma Sett, especially with a Level 2 Maokai‘s ability to obliterate the opposing deck. If the Karma Sett player fails to have multiple copies of Karma to refill their deck, they will eventually run out of cards to draw.

Although the stats suggest that Deep is not favored against Samira Fizz, I believe that adding copies of Eradication to the deck can significantly improve the matchup.

XxWhatAmIxX’s Jack Seraphine

This article won’t be complete without at least one Jack decklist! XxWhatAmIxX‘s Jack Seraphine has become quite popular after reaching Masters with a 77.1% winrate in just 35 games. The combination of P&Z and Bilgewater regions seems to excel against decks featuring low-health units like Samira Fizz. With Caustic Riff and Make It Rain, the deck has strong board control tools, which can be further augmented with Mischievous Marai.

However, in this deck, Jack is unfortunately mostly relegated to being a solid 4-cost unit with good stats and keywords.

Szychu’s Ashe Leblanc

Freljord isn’t as weak as most people say, with Ashe Leblanc Frostbite making a strong comeback! Szychu managed to climb to Masters with this Frostbite deck, achieving an impressive 81% winrate in 53 games. This classic Frostbite list does not use any cards from the Glory in Navori expansion, instead relying mostly on the Foundation set. This makes it an ideal choice for those with limited resources who cannot afford new cards.

Szychu‘s deck includes 3 copies of Reckoning, likely included to handle wide Elusive boards that decks like Samira Fizz tend to present.

Ichiran Ramen’s Illaoi Garen

The classics never go out of style! Ichiran Ramen has put his own spin on Illaoi Demacia, and has been doing well with it in Masters, boasting a winrate of 68.5% in 54 games. This aggressive deck capitalizes on mid-game momentum and is particularly effective against Samira Fizz and Karma Sett. Heavy Metal provides a strong response to an early Samira, while Blocking Badgerbear can prevent Elusive units from dealing damage to your Nexus.

In addition to the core cards, this deck also features some spicy additions, including Lord Eldred, Mageseeker Leader, and Judgment.

Falln’s Kai’sa Evelynn

The Kai’sa Evelynn archetype gained popularity after Evelynn received some buffs in Patch 4.2, and it continues to thrive in the current meta. Falln piloted this Evelynn Kai’sa deck to Masters with an impressive 67.8% winrate in 87 games.

One interesting aspect of this build is that it includes three copies of Camouflaged Horror and a copy of Hive Herald. This makes it an enjoyable deck to play if you’re looking for something unique to climb the ranked ladder with.

Wolfoxcs’s Jinx Ekko

Archetypes from the pre-rotation era are still thriving in Patch 4.3! Take Wolfoxcs‘s Jinx Ekko decklist, for instance, which boasts an impressive winrate of 65.8% in 79 games. The statistics show that Ekko Jinx has a slight edge against Samira Fizz and Gwen Quinn. This makes it a viable counter in the current meta.

Additionally, the Shurima P&Z Predict archetype has received a boost with the addition of Augmented Clockling, making it even easier to search for your champions during the mid game.

Newmen’s Leona Aurelion Sol

To wrap up this article, we have Newmen‘s Leona Aurelion Sol deck! He’s currently piloting this list with a winrate of 66.6% in 54 games. With the power level of LOR being lowered in Patch 4.3 Standard, Aurelion Sol decks may be making a comeback. Leona‘s Daybreak package remains as strong as ever. The addition of Falling Star provides Targon decks with an inexpensive and effective control tool.

Closing Words

That’s it for now! I’ve been playing a lot in Patch 4.3, and it’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun climbing ladder. In the next days, we will be featuring champion-specific decks that you can use for your ladder climb. Stay tuned!

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTubeDiscord, or Twitter!

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